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FTFT appoints Ola J. Lind as new Chief Strategy Officer

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Mr. Ola J. Lind has been named Chief Strategy Officer of FTFT and Chief Strategy Officer of the Company’s subsidiary, FTFT Capital Investments LLC, by FTFT Capital (“hence referred to as “Future FinTech,” “FTFT,” or “the Company”) (“FTFT Capital”). Mr. Weichen Pan, the Company’s former Chief Strategy Officer, has resigned from his post owing to personal reasons.

Future FinTech CEO, Mr. Shanchun Huang, said, “The appointment of Mr. Lind to Chief Strategy Officer of FTFT will enhance the strength of our management team, elevate our technology profile and help us to achieve our strategic growth goals. Mr. Lind has a real depth of experience in the mobile and fintech business which is an area of focus for FTFT. We are pleased to have Mr. Lind as our CSO to work with our senior management team to the benefit of the Company and its shareholders.”

Mr. Lind said: “I am excited to be appointed as the Chief Strategy Officer of FTFT and look forward to working closely with the entire leadership team to continue to develop the Company’s digital business and create stakeholder value. I look forward to working with our visionary CEO and the Board of Directors, and am enthusiastic about the creation of innovative, value-added products and services for our customers around the world.”

Mr. Lind will be in charge of the Company’s strategic planning, international partnering, M&A, and the development of its bitcoin financial services platform, as well as working with the senior management team and Board of Directors to further the company’s worldwide expansion strategy. Mr. Lind is a multi-award winning digital transformation start-up entrepreneur with a 20+ year track record of designing and executing innovative technology strategies in the mobile, blockchain, and cyber-security industries. Mr. Lind was a co-founder of six start-ups on four continents from 2000 to 2021. Among his accomplishments are:

  • Winner of “Best Digital Start-Up” at 4YFN Mobile World Congress Americas in 2017, San Francisco
  • Winner of the “Mobile, Media & Gaming” category, and Runner-Up at Echelon Asia Top 100 Startup, in 2017.

Mr. Lind continues to serve as a Director of FTFT Capital, overseeing its worldwide cryptocurrency market data platform FTFTX, in addition to being named CEO of the company. He has held this role since April of 2021. Mr. Lind was previously Director of Business Development at Dotlines Group in Singapore, where he was in charge of delivering digital services and products for worldwide expansion from September 2017 to April 2021.

From October 2018 until April 2021, Mr. Lind served as Director of Strategy at Onliner (Laos) Co., Ltd in Laos, where he implemented digital e-wallet and payment gateway strategies.


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