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GE Healthcare – ADI showroom in Dubai deploys advanced surgery equipment

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GE Healthcare has opened an advanced showroom in Dubai that focuses on advanced surgery equipment and will act as a regional hub in collaboration with Abu Dhabi International Medical Services Company (ADI). Mark Stoesz, GE Healthcare’s General Manager of Imaging Emerging Markets, and Tamer Akl, MED-Managing IN’s Director, both spoke during the opening ceremony.

Commenting on the partnership, Mark Stoesz, General Manager of Imaging Emerging Markets, GE Healthcare, said: “Efforts will be made in how we improve operational efficiency to enhance the quality of care that we can deliver.”

Dubai - GE-Healthcare-ADI- Advanced -surgery equipment - techxmedia

He added, “The collaboration will deliver the latest technology and solutions for the OR to our partners,” added Tamer Akl, Managing Director of MED-IN.

The showroom features sophisticated surgical imaging systems that ensure high-quality images and streamline workflow for the changing surgical demands and a small all-in-one transportable C-arm that provides a Clear View of the anatomy in a variety of surgical scenarios.

The exhibition showcases hybrid solutions that deliver high-definition surgical imaging and adaptability to any environment from the orthopedic, spine, vascular, and cardiac surgical imaging systems. The showroom is designed to simulate being in an Operating Room (OR), with a surgical table, ceiling-hung lighting, and a laparoscopy unit as part of the room’s equipment.

GE Healthcare Surgery proactively enabled the capability to provide live virtual sessions and facilitate the exhibition of the latest technology to customers in light of the health scenario following the Pandemic.

In the UAE, GE Healthcare has a large presence and supplies innovative technology to both public and private institutions. ADI is a prominent healthcare solutions supplier that represents some of the world’s most well-known medical equipment and pharmaceutical firms.


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