Gitex 2022 Closing: Five day tech week comes to conclusion

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Gitex 2022 finally concluded its 5-day event on October 14, 2022. Tech companies and government entities completed their exhibitions showcasing some amazing products and services leading to the goal of digital transformation and the future of innovation. 

Digital Dubai launches data maturity framework at GITEX 2022

Digital Dubai launched the Data Maturity Framework as part of its participation in GITEX Global 2022.

The goal of this project is to increase awareness of the value of data assets in Dubai, make it possible for government organizations to make use of the city’s priceless data, and change the conventional approaches to data governance into new ones that provide value and facilitate decision-making.

DCC presented new digital initiatives and services at GITEX 2022

One of the three chambers operating under Dubai Chambers, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, showcased new digital initiatives and projects that are in the works and intended to improve its services, make doing business easier, and encourage the adoption of cutting-edge technologies by the business community.

These initiatives were shown at the Dubai Government pavilion

H.H. Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed’s remarks for GITEX

H.H. Sheikh Maktoum visited the 42nd GITEX Global, which wrapped off at the Dubai World Trade Centre after bringing together more than 5,000 top technology businesses from more than 90 countries, including 35 unicorns.

Sheikh Maktoum expressed his appreciation to the various local government entities participating in the event for their efforts to adopt innovative solutions that support the UAE’s strategic objectives to provide world-class services to citizens, residents, and visitors.

He also commented on how the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has led Dubai and UAE to become global leaders in digital transformation, ensuring that Dubai provided an enhanced customer experience by adopting the latest technologies and solutions.

Key showcases to remember 

Flying car taxi 

XPeng, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, create history for itself at GITEX by having the first maiden flight of its eVTOL flying car X2 in Dubai.

The cutting-edge two-seater eVTOL flying car X2 is the most recent generation of flying cars created separately by XPENG’s affiliate XPENG AEROHT. It is outfitted with an intelligent flight control system and autonomous flight capabilities. With a top flying speed of 130 kph, the X2 generates no carbon dioxide and is built with low-altitude city capabilities in mind. It completed its historic 90-minute test flight, marking an exciting new era of short-haul flights and intelligent mobility solutions.

Showcasing the flying car in Dubai shows the efforts by Dubai International Chamber to attract leading multinational (MNC) companies to the emirate and solidify its position as one of the leading destinations for innovation.

Some amazing robots showcased

Gitex has always shown itself as a platform for innovation and set itself as the future of technology, which it has far exceeded this year. The event saw many companies, that dabble in robotics, showcase a glimpse of the future of automation and robotics solutions. 

Companies like are creating innovative solutions to delivery logistics as they presented Ottobot, a delivery robot which has shown success in the airports of Cincinnati and Rome by delivering food and duty-free good to waiting passengers.

Dewa, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, showcased the Mwafeq Robot. The robot can detect faults, and test high-voltage cable connection points. It can also do water pipe leak detection and conduct security and monitoring patrols.

Entities like the Robotic Systems Lab of ETH Zurich showcased the four-legged robot Swiss-mile. Having both legs and wheels the robot can climb on rugged terrains at speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour.

Driverless taxis

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority took the show on day one of Gitex by showcasing the coming of a Driverless taxi. As part of a public-private partnership, the Cruise Origin vehicle will be made available as a taxi service, making Dubai one of the first cities, aside from a few in the US, to provide autonomous vehicles for use in transportation. 

The company will deploy around 10 autonomous vehicles in 2023. These autonomous vehicles are part of Cruise’s fleet of commercial driverless cars working in San Francisco. The main goal of employing electric self-driving vehicles is to reduce collisions, pollutants, and traffic.


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