GoDaddy shares innovative ways to help increase customer loyalty

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GoDaddy shares creative ways to build and increase customer loyalty that can help accelerate business growth and expansion. Customer loyalty is something businesses strive towards; attracting and keeping customers happy has the potential to drive continued repeat purchases. Customers often recommend the brands they are happy with to their friends, family, and colleagues too. A strong customer-brand relationship can foster a long-standing sense of trust between both.

Studies have shown Middle East’s consumers are the highest spenders globally, where millennials typically spend twice as much as their European counterparts. Millennials in the Middle East also demonstrate more brand loyalty than their peers in the US, UK, Japan, and Australia. Saudi Arabia and the UAE indicates a higher percentage of young customers who prefer to purchase from a single brand than considering a variety.


GoDaddy offers the following tips to help small businesses build stronger relationships and brand loyalty with new customers:

 1.Be Authentic

Let your customers know changes to your business, products and services during these challenging times.  You can consider creating a banner to display at the top of your website or creating a new section on your website outlining the new steps your business is taking to help protect your employees and your customers. With the GoDaddy Email Marketing tool, you can create a list of customers to communicate with on a regular basis with information about your business.  It is better to keep your customers informed, than to have them experience unwelcome surprises with your business.

2. Provide Quality Customer Service

Listen to your customers.  Respond to customer concerns in a thoughtful way and work to address and resolve their issues of concern.  Communicate regularly with your customers about how you are addressing their feedback.  You may want to use a variety of communications methods including personalized emails, phone calls, and posts on social media channels. Also, let your customers know if there are changes to the process of fulfilling their orders.

3. Become active on Social Media

Social media is an important platform to use to stay engaged with customers and receive timely feedback. Campaigns across social platforms can help to keep customers engaged with your brand.  You can assess which social media channels your customers use and start by engaging with those channels to better serve your customers.  It’s important to remember that as you start to be active on social channels, you’ll want to be ready to continue using these on an ongoing basis.

4.Offer A Loyalty or Rewards Program

Creating Loyalty programs can be an effective way to help encourage customers to return to your business to make a purchase.  A program can include a variety of different elements like discount codes, special offers, early sales notification, and the accumulation of reward points to be used on future purchases online.

5.Offer Support for your Customers

You know your customers best.  You may want to consider offering additional support for your customers during these challenging times.  If it works for your business, you could include special offers, free shipping, limited time promotions, and being available to your customers as much as possible through the pandemic, helping to support their growth.


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