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Google postpones return to office date to 2022 – Sundar Pichai writes email to employees

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Google, the internet search giant, has stated that it would postpone employees’ return to work until January 10, 2022. Sundar Pichai, the company’s CEO, disclosed this in an email to workers. Pichai stated that the deadline was pushed out because of how diverse the situations are with the Covid-19 all around the world right now. As a result, Google’s global voluntary return-to-work policy has been extended until January 10, 2022.

According to Pichai, the extension will provide staff with more flexibility. After January 10, the firm will enable different countries and regions to decide when the voluntary work-from-home arrangements would be terminated with at least a 30-day notice. Google has previously extended its return-to-work policy from September to October. Due to the health crisis, it was one of the first firms to urge its workers to work from home.

Google’s regulations have altered several times, initially requiring workers to return to their pre-pandemic workplaces at least three days a week but later enabling them to apply for permanent remote work or a change in the office location.

According to Google, around 10,000 employees requested to change where they work as of July 2, with 45 percent preferring to remain permanently remote and 55 percent wishing to transfer offices. According to the company, 85 percent of such applications were accepted.

Big technology companies, which were among the first to send corporate staff home at the onset of the epidemic, are now becoming more concerned about bringing them back.

Both Facebook and Amazon said earlier this month that they would not force employees to return until January, while Lyft has set a date of February 2 as the deadline. Others, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Uber, are still on track to reopen in October of this year.


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