Google Search Knowledge Panels get a makeover, update not rolled on large scale

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Google will begin rolling out a redesign of the Knowledge Panel, which will allow users to easily explore any subject by displaying important and useful information, according to Google.

These highlights are presented as grid-arranged cards. Depending on the subject, different content is displayed, however, a carousel of photographs always shows first. When it comes to cities, you are given “Weather averages” (as high/low for the month), the travel time “there” from where you are, a map, and a description.

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Coming to times when searching for food the description of a meal or recipe is displayed first when searching for it, then videos, articles, and a “Things to know” carousel. These cards are frequently coloured according to the content when seen on a mobile device (pesto green, ragù red, etc.). Many cards, nevertheless, are simply blue.

As the users continue to scroll down the usual web results are shown. In mobile devices, this new makeover is available only in a few categories.

On desktop, google is flaring this feature and new changes for people. Notably, a sizable Knowledge Panel grid that begins with photographs and emphasises details like age, spouse, and social network account has been added. Additionally, cards indicating an athlete’s height, wealth, and most recent recap video may be given. The description of “About” and other information is still displayed on the right sidebar.

The new grid grabs attention as it is placed just below the search bar and is quite prominent. This new card redesign has not yet been extensively implemented by Google for all Knowledge Panel categories or even all of the results within a single category.


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