Gulf Software Distribution and Brytlyt partner to deliver supercharged analytics

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Gulf Software Distribution, a value-added distributor based in Dubai, has joined forces with Brytlyt. This collaboration provides Brytlyt with access to a large new customer base in the Gulf region, as well as exciting new business opportunities.

Gulf Software Distribution, the largest IBM VAD in the Gulf region, is an award-winning distributor focused on IBM software technology and other related complementary products. With a large complementary vendor portfolio, Brytlyt’s partnership with the organization will help many businesses accelerate technological and data transformation.

“We’re very excited to be working with GSD to deliver supercharged analytics and deep learning for oil & gas, finance, and government sectors, amongst others. GSD’s presence and expertise in the Gulf region will give Brytlyt a direct route to rapidly expand our client base.” – Simon Hollister, VP of Sales

“Partnering with Brytlyt gives us an opportunity today that is years ahead of anything else the market has to offer in the analytics space.” – James Harb, General Manager, GSD.

Experion Technologies, Omnix, and IMTAC are some of GSD’s other business partners, with expertise in finance, transportation, retail, oil and gas, and healthcare.

Brytlyt, in collaboration with GSD, can bring accelerated and powerful analytics capabilities for large datasets, as well as advanced Machine Learning techniques, to new markets, expanding their reach in several existing sectors. Organizations can benefit from optimized operational field planning, asset management, predictive insights into risk, real-time scenario modeling, and much more when GPU-accelerated analytics and a data science platform are used.

This collaboration strengthens Brytlyt’s goal of making deep learning accessible and transforming how people gain insight from data by leveraging GSD’s market expertise and access to comprehensive solution offerings.

This strategic partnership is just one of many exciting strategic developments for Brytlyt. They have recently partnered with several other key players in the data analytics market, including TIBCO Spotfire, and made significant advancements in their data visualization technology.


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