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Harness power, connectivity and speed with vivo’s X60 series

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Due to technological advancements and new product proliferation, the smartphone industry is highly dynamic. According to Statista the current number of smartphone users in the world stands at about 3.8 billion, amounting to around 48 per cent of the global population. With the growing number of devices available in the market today, customers are increasingly analyzing the features and specs of a product before purchasing it.  

In addition to redefining photography – the focus of the X60 series –vivo’s global flagship smartphones are packed with cutting-edge features. Here is a look at some of them.

A True Flagship Platform

Outshining their predecessors in terms of daily user experience, the X60 and X60 Pro are equipped with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 870 5G Mobile Platform. With a substantial boost in CPU and GPU performance, these energy-efficient processors contain integrated 5G basebands for alightning-fast wireless network with minimal latency. The mobile platform also offer stop-notch gaming, while its exceptionally low power consumption enables all-day phone usage.

Fluid Visuals, Flawless Interaction

The vivo X60 series is fitted out with edge-to-edge AMOLED display for a superior sensory experience. Its industry-leading 120Hz refresh rate* allows for effortless scrolling and viewing, while its240Hz response rate makes for an ultra-responsive touch screen to optimize user performance at work and at play.

Extended RAM

The X60 series is equipped with extended RAM –an innovative memory management technology that uses algorithms to call part of the idle ROM space to assume the function of RAM operation to achieve a “+3GB” RAM effect. It can greatly improve user experience when multiple applications are running in the background, and also help apps open without a lag.

Immersive Picture and Sound

The X60 series boasts HDR10+ certification for dramatic video display. HDR videos retain complete video brightness and color information. The greatest technical advantage of HDR10+ is corresponding tone mapping for every scene, as opposed to HDR10 that only does tone mapping for the entire piece of content.In comparison, HDR10+ createsmore details in dark areas in the frame and avoids oversaturation in highlighted areas.

Ultrafast Flash Memory

The X60 and X60 Pro come with standard UFS 3.1 ultrafast flash memory to meet consumers’ running and storage needs in most scenarios, ensuring smoother device operation.


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