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Help AG titled Platinum partner by Trend Micro

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Trend Micro, a global leader in enterprise data protection and cybersecurity solutions, has announced its Platinum Level relationship with Help AG. Customers of Help AG in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia will be able to benefit from Trend Micro’s security capabilities without having to send their data to the cloud, addressing concerns about data privacy.

Commenting on the partnership, Stephan Berner, Chief Executive Officer at Help AG, said: “Trend Micro offers solutions that cater to our customers who are sensitive about utilizing cloud for some or all of their security services. Joining forces with Trend Micro enables us to address their concerns by delivering robust capabilities in an environment that is suitable for their data privacy preferences and needs.”

Berner added: “It is an honor to be named a Platinum Partner of Trend Micro, a highly respected leader in the cybersecurity space with a long history and rich legacy. Trend Micro has been extremely consistent in providing world-class products and solutions that address the security needs of organizations, and our customers will benefit immensely from having access to their portfolio.”

Dr. Moataz Bin Ali - Vice President and Managing Director - Middle East and North Africa - Trend Micro -Help AG - Platinum partner - techxmedia

“Our partners are at the heart of our mission to make this world a secured place for exchanging information digitally,” said Dr. Moataz Bin Ali, Vice President and Managing Director, Middle East and North Africa for Trend Micro. “We are excited about our collaboration with Help AG that will empower its customers with robust security capabilities to protect their data, adhering to their privacy and compliance needs. Together, we will help regional organizations reimagine cybersecurity,” he added.

This agreement enables Help AG to serve clients who may be hesitant to send sensitive endpoint data to cybersecurity vendors’ cloud settings. In order for the service provider to detect threats and assaults, the client must submit complete and accurate endpoint data while using Endpoint Detection and Response services. If an organization’s users participate in confidential activities or visit sensitive websites, this can be a concern.

The collaboration between Help AG and Trend Micro addresses these issues by providing security services and capabilities without requiring clients to submit their data to a cloud-based environment.  Trend Micro is one of the few manufacturers of its calibre to offer this option, meeting the needs of a specialised segment of clients with specific data privacy concerns thanks to its unique data model.

The Trend Micro portfolio, which is now available to Help AG customers, includes products and solutions for Detection and Response, Network Security, User Protection, Cloud Security, Internet of Things Security, Enterprise Ransomware Protection, and Regulatory Compliance, among other areas of cybersecurity that are important to businesses today.


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