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Hisense Laser TVs global sales surge over 600% YoY from Jan to Aug 2021

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Hisense Laser TVs global sales have surged over 600% YoY from Jan to Aug 2021. On September 16, 2021, Beijing hosted the Third Global Laser Display Industry Forum. Laser TV specialists, academics, and hundreds of upstream and downstream businesses all agreed that the Laser display sector would eventually become the mainstream of next-generation display technology. The Chinese market now has 34 Laser TV brands. “After years of industry experiment and customer recognition, the Laser TV will lead the display industry to achieve a better future.” Yu Zhitao, Vice President of Hisense Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

According to AVC, the Laser TV industry has reached a mature stage in terms of technology sophistication and market recognition, with a CAGR of 181 percent from 2015 to 2020 and predicted growth of over 80% YoY in 2021. In the TV display sector, it has become a fast-growing category. Meanwhile, Hisense’s Laser TVs are expected to account for up to 53% of global shipments in 2020, making them one of the most popular products in the family TV category, according to Omdia.

Hisense TriChroma Technology has garnered industry acclaim for technological innovation and has successfully launched TriChroma Laser TVs with screens ranging from 75 to 100 inches, leading the laser TV industry full-scale into the TriChroma era.

Hisense wants to provide exceptional goods for consumers all over the world by improving picture quality, giving better features with functional design, and developing more inexpensive, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, eye-friendly, and immersive Laser TV products.

Hisense Laser TV is now available in the United States, Australia, Germany, France, the Middle East, South Africa, and a number of other countries. From January to August 2021, global Hisense Laser TV sales climbed by more than 400 percent year over year, with sales volume increasing by more than 600 percent. Hisense Laser TV has established itself as a well-known display and one of the most important products for future home displays.

Laser TV is an all-in-one home display that combines a television with a customised spatial image. Hisense is committed to integrating with other technologies to improve Head-Up Display (HUD), Virtual Reality (VR), Cinema Display (Cinema Display), Holography, and other technologies. Laser TV’s holistic technology and product quality will be upgraded in 2024 thanks to Hisense’s technical innovation. By that time, the Laser TV will have shrunk to half its current size, with improved performance and a more cost-effective pricing.


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