‘How Oceain is using Artificial Intelligence in hiring process’ – Interview with MD


Oceain is a digital transformation platform that combines artificial intelligence and psychometrics to deliver competency-based outcomes and deep human personality insights to organizations. We asked Ian Hogan, Managing Director of Oceain Personality Insights, a few questions on how artificial intelligence is being used to make the recruiting process easier. The replies are listed below.

TECHx: Please tell us a little bit more about Oceain Personality Insights.

Oceain Personality Insights is a digital Interview platform that uses an Artificial intelligence (AI) approach to solve everyday issues in both recruitment and learning & development.

We blend existing psychology and psychometrics frameworks with AI to provide personality assessments in a fraction of time and cost compared to traditional assessment methods.

TECHx: What prompted the idea for this model in the first place, and how are you using AI to make the hiring process easier?

The concept was born out of the need to find a more effective and accurate way to process thousands of applicants in a post-pandemic world. A lot of our GCC-based clients receive up to 2,000-3,000 applicants per role. The ability of TA (talent applicant specialist) to process this amount of data is extremely challenging, whereas an AI approach processes that data in minutes. On average using AI is seen as 80-90% quicker and 25% more accurate.

TECHx: How can you ensure that your customers have a safe experience on your platform, especially nowadays when cybercrimes are on the rise?

The safety of data is one of our utmost priorities. As there is no physical product and it is all cloud-based, it comes with its own set of security measures to stop cybercrimes. In another means of added protection, no data is stored locally on any machine. We are also GDPR compliant.

TECHx: Do you foresee any new trends in the HR technology sector in the next years, and how do you plan to cope with them?

HR technology is very quickly evolving from traditional practices to platforms including ours whereby we automate traditional approaches and provide organisations with much-needed increased productivity levels. The final selection however will always be a person.

TECHx: Could you kindly elaborate on any existing or prospective regional partnerships?

We have multiple clients in the region and are readily working towards partnerships with both recruitment agencies, learning & developing companies and more importantly with existing HR platforms. There will be an exciting announcement in the coming weeks we are just waiting on having a couple of things signed off.

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