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How to keep Generation Alpha engaged in learning?

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How do you keep easily distractable Generation Alpha engaged in learning, especially in a remote learning environment? In this digital era, how can teachers, parents, and students care for their mental health? How can students prepare for a career in artificial intelligence?

Alef Education, a global education technology supplier that enables 21st-century learning has created a new video series called Alef Talks to give a global platform for the education technology sector that answers these and other concerns.

Alef Talks will host a live debate with global education and technology leaders once a month to develop and illuminate fresh disruptive ideas for the education industry. The first episode of Alef Talks looks at the obstacles and strategies that Generation Alpha — those born between 2010 and 2025 – face when it comes to learning. Generation Alpha will have roughly two billion members by 2025, according to estimates.

Dr. Najla Al Naqbi, MBZUH’s Head of Smart Learning, and Tony Lteif, Amazon Web Services’ (AWSHead )’s of Education EMEA, attended Alef Talks to explore the various approaches that instructors can employ to keep this generation engaged in the classroom. The panellists emphasise that Generation Alphas are digital natives, having grown up in a world of smartphones, AI assistants, virtual reality, and wearables. As a result, kids will want to learn in a technologically driven manner.

“The education industry is currently undertaking the largest experiment of its kind in the last 100 years,a transformation born out of necessity as schools and colleges had to shift to remote learning in a very short period of time. The increasing reliance on technology is prompting some educators to reconsider the method of learning, which includes personalizing learning to individual students and moving away from the one-size-fits-all education model,” said Lteif.

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Dr. Naqbi went on to say that the way educational institutions responded to the epidemic indicated that educators can adjust to changing conditions swiftly and effectively. Rather than returning to the “old method” of teaching, she emphasised that educators must prepare to teach in the “new normal” setting. The whole video can be found at on the Alef Education YouTube channel.

Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO, Alef Education, said: “The fourth industrial revolution will dramatically transform all aspects of our lives, pushing the trend towards hyperconnectivity, automation, and AI. As such, the global education industry needs to quickly adapt and respond to these changes to ensure that they are prepared to cater to the Gen Alpha. As a leading global education technology provider, Alef Education is excited to launch the Alef Talks video series as it will create an international knowledge exchange platform that inspires such time-sensitive  and transformative ideas for the education industry.”

Alef Education has influenced the lives of over 620,000 children from over 400 schools in the UAE, the United States, and now Indonesia since its beginning. At the annual SIIA CODiE Awards 2021, the company received the Best Use of Emerging Technology for Learning award for their Alef Platform.


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