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How to use python to achieve your digital marketing objectives

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By Nelson Ikechukwu Nworie

In today’s marketing space, digital marketing has grown so sophisticated and data-driven, thanks to several business intelligence technologies. Deeper data analytics based on rich data, artificial intelligence, and new marketing concepts significantly impact current marketing techniques. The primary purpose of an effective marketing strategy is to increase and speed up the marketing return on investment (MROI).  In this article, you will learn how to use Python to achieve your digital marketing objectives.

So let’s dive in!

How can Python help you with your marketing efforts?

As a marketer, you’re definitely up against several obstacles.

  • Ads are becoming more expensive.
  • Marketing channels that were once successful, such as content marketing, are becoming congested.
  • A multichannel approach would be beneficial, but it’s challenging to maintain and organize.
  • You have a lot of data from your online advertising efforts, but you don’t know how to turn it into useful information without spending a lot of money on automation technologies.

Due to the attribution problem and other obstacles, it might be challenging to determine your Return on Investment (ROI). And the simple question will be.

Is Python automation capable of solving at least some of these issues? Yes, that’s correct.

Python is not magic; it’s simply a programming language. However, due to its simplicity of use and comprehension, it has become a popular choice.

Many businesses hire Python developers to assist their digital marketers, but this is an expensive solution in today’s market. Learning coding abilities in Python or other sophisticated languages is the most satisfactory answer for overcoming all flaws in the efficacy of digital marketing techniques.

What is Python?

Python is a computer language with easy-to-understand code.

Python has a straightforward syntax compared to PHP and Java, and because it is a primary language, it is simple to learn for beginners.

In recent years, it has gained popularity as a programming language to create artificial intelligence and deep learning.

A python is a tool that can drive automation across all of your marketing activities:

Python can assist you in gaining more insights from your data, making better data-driven decisions, automating numerous regular tasks, and increasing the Return on investment from your marketing efforts.

Now let’s look at some sample marketing applications for Python

Modern marketing strategy consists of social media, SEO, sponsored search, content marketing, advertisements, video, and other elements. To grasp the core of all those components and evaluate the data generated by those components, you’ll require technical skills.

Python is primarily used in digital marketing campaigns to automate various operations. Automation aims to save time by developing custom marketing campaigns, monitoring and analyzing campaigns, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. Following that, automation is used to execute numerous marketing case analyses, such as Recency Frequency. A/B testing, Email Marketing, Market Basket Analysis.

Making a report

Suppose you have a lot of data from different sources that you need to report regularly. Python is a powerful programming language for data pre-processing, analytics, and visualization. To make your first report, you’ll only need to write the code once. After that, you can run the code on a new dataset and obtain the results in a matter of minutes.

Visualization of Data

Digital marketers utilize a variety of visuals to aid in reporting and marketing analysis. Unfortunately, creating valuable and professional-looking plots generally takes a long time. Python includes a specific package called seaborn that makes beautiful, cutting-edge actions with only one line of code for your convenience. You’ll need to pre-process your data first, but using Python, this is a simple procedure.

Optimization of Content

A/B testing is a standard marketing technique for comparing several versions of a website, app, or ad to see which one performs the best. For example, if you have two groups of potential customers, one exposed to ad one and the other to ad two, you may compare the conversion rates of the two ad groups to determine which is the winner. Of course, for you to decide that one of the commercials is genuinely superior, the difference must be statistically significant. A python is an excellent tool for automating A/B testing and determining the statistical significance of the difference.

A/B testing is a helpful strategy, but it eventually leads to “regret” Multi-armed contextual bandits, on the other hand, uses dynamic optimization to reduce opportunity loss. Python may also be used to achieve this sophisticated strategy.

Segmentation of Customers

These days, marketers must provide customers with a tailored experience. However, you must first understand your clients’ actions, interests, and habits before you can customize your messages and expertise. Understanding your clients and adapting marketing strategies to them requires proper customer segmentation. Python allows you to use the most advanced clustering algorithms. Some machine learning techniques that are simple to implement with Python can help you categorize your customers based on essential features, increase revenue, and improve the customer experience.

Analyzing Customer Feedback

Customers provide feedback on the items they use through a variety of sources. Large businesses find it difficult to manually assess all evaluations posted on various websites and social media platforms. This occurrence presents an ideal opportunity for automation.

You may use natural language processing to automate the analysis of client Python can help you automate your marketing efforts.

A python is an excellent tool for automating marketing processes and can make a lot of things easier. Of course, keep in mind that Python is only a tool and not a substitute for domain knowledge. Your professional marketing talents and coding talents must be adequately combined to achieve success.

I hope this article helped you?

Nelson Ikechukwu Nworie - techxmedia

Nelson Ikechukwu Nworie,a Nigerian native, is a Learners Point Institute and Google Academy certified digital marketer.


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