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How will AI change sports?

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By Omar Abdulla

We live in an ever-evolving world, and people and organisations all over the world are finding new ways to simplify daily life. There have been advancements in almost every industry over the years, but the tech industry has made the biggest leap forward.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is already being used in factories and large corporations, but how will it affect sports? Technology already plays a significant role in sports.

What can AI bring? In fact, there are many areas where AI can be used in sports.

Using AI to improve performance/practice:

With the help of sensor technology and AI, players’ techniques can be improved. As a result of AI in sports training, athletes can receive realtime feedback and create personalised workouts. This improves the effectiveness of each exercise for each player.

AI can be used to improve health and fitness through predictive analysis. In addition to providing information about tears and strains, wearable apps can also prevent injuries. A game’s tactics, strategy, and weaknesses can also be determined with the help of AI. An NBA kiosk, Connexion, uses AI to analyse a player’s health data to inform teams of injuries and other potential setbacks. An AI-driven platform, called Arccos Caddie, is like the virtual caddie of a golfer, giving inputs on wind direction and which club to use. In addition, it provides important information, such as the direction to hit and the location.

​​ Scouting and Recruitment:

Sports industry analysts can use AI to predict the performance of potential recruits. It is possible for sports companies to analyse the performances of different players using AI, and make decisions on whether or not to invest in their potential based on these records. In order to analyse performance, the stats could contain more complex metrics than just open statistics (runs made, passes made, goals made, etc.). When applied to sports management, Big Data and AI will streamline the process of tracking and measuring the indicators of success.

AI used for streaming and broadcasting:

In the next few years, broadcasters may be able to pick out highlights of matches they want to broadcast by using AI platforms, thus radically changing the monetisation of sporting events. Subtitles can also be provided for live events based on the language of the region. During matches, as well as during highlights/replays, AI will be used to determine the best camera angle. Commentators can also use AI to provide statistics about the events, making live commentary more effective.

In the future, we might have the right technology, but we may face a problem when we try to collect enormous amounts of data. With big data, AI can predict more accurately.

AI is going to make sports much more competitive. Sensors and algorithms will allow for better prediction of competition outcomes. Advertising agencies, sports companies, franchise owners, coaches, and game strategists will all be impacted by AI. As a result of such a wide range of implementation, it is likely that the entire sports industry will be looking to adopt AI to gain an edge over their competitors.


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