HP Launches Next-Gen AI PCs to Revolutionize Work and Creativity

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HP Inc. has introduced a groundbreaking lineup of next-generation AI PCs at Microsoft’s AI Vision Event, set to redefine how people work and create in the AI era.

As the lines between home and office blur, AI continues to reshape productivity and creativity expectations. Over half of early tech adopters believe AI will save them time, and 72% of business leaders expect AI to enhance employee productivity. With a surge in AI-enabled software, HP’s new AI PCs are poised to unlock unprecedented experiences and capabilities.

HP unveiled the HP OmniBook X AI PC and HP EliteBook Ultra AI PC, its first next-gen AI PCs built with the latest ARM architecture to harness advanced AI technologies. These devices feature the Snapdragon® X Elite processor and its Neural Processing Unit (NPU), capable of 45 trillion operations per second (TOPS), enabling robust language models and generative AI directly on the device. Combined with Copilot+ PC, these AI PCs offer enhanced creativity and productivity through features like Recall.

The increasing availability of AI applications is expanding the potential of HP’s next-gen AI PCs. Users can leverage AI tools for more effective communication and collaboration, real-time coaching in virtual meetings, and faster photo, audio, and video editing.

“In this transformative era of AI, exceptional devices are defined by their ability to create meaningful breakthrough experiences,” said Alex Cho, President of Personal Systems at HP Inc. “AI enables a more personalized and creative experience, empowering people in both their personal and professional lives.”

Breaking Barriers with Innovative Design

HP’s latest AI PCs offer unparalleled performance, efficiency, and privacy, with exceptional battery life. Designed for tech-savvy freelancers and on-the-go professionals, the HP OmniBook X and HP EliteBook Ultra combine sleek design with AI-enhanced power and mobility.

– Sleek & Versatile: The world’s thinnest next-gen AI PCs with 26-hour battery life, featuring HP’s new AI Helix Logo for optimized performance and security. The HP EliteBook Ultra boasts added durability and a smudge-resistant PVD coating.

– Lightning-Fast Responsiveness: Enjoy top performance with portability. Open large Excel files nearly twice as fast, and stream up to 12 hours of Microsoft Teams calls or 22 hours of Netflix.

– Responsibly Crafted: Both devices are part of HP’s sustainable PC portfolio, with 50% recycled aluminum covers and 100% sustainably sourced packaging materials, along with EPEAT® Climate+ Gold Registration and ENERGY STAR® Certification.

Optimized for AI Experiences

With a significant portion of freelancers and developers already using AI tools, HP designed the HP OmniBook X and HP EliteBook Ultra to leverage new AI features and software, including:

– Authentic Collaboration: The new Poly Camera Pro enhances virtual interactions with AI-powered features like Spotlight, Background Blur & Replace, and Auto Framing, preserving battery life by offloading these tasks to the NPU.

– AI Optimization: The HP AI Companion optimizes productivity by bringing AI tools directly onto the device.

– Advanced Security: The HP EliteBook Ultra features Wolf Pro Security Next Gen Antivirus (NGAV) and is a Microsoft Secured-Core PC, offering hardware-level security to protect user data and credentials.

HP’s next-gen AI PCs represent a new era of personal computing, offering personalized and powerful experiences for users everywhere.

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