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Huawei unveils its Safest Kids Tablet, the HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition in UAE

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Huawei has unveiled its Safest Kids Tablet, the HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition in UAE. HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition is created with children’s education and healthy growth in mind. This latest edition to the HUAWEI MatePad T Series consists of attractive tablets particularly intended for children ages 3-8 and is available in 8-inch and 9.7-inch sizes. They have a simple and elegant design, a beautiful Kids Case, a stylus pen, a Kids Corner that comes preloaded with rich and child-friendly content, eye-comfort and parental assistant features, and charging protection.


Huawei MatePad T8 Kids Edition

The HUAWEI MatePad T 8 Kids 32GB Edition and the HUAWEI MatePad T 10 Kids 64GB are both available.They’ll be available starting October 21st, and if you buy both products during the first two weeks, you’ll get a free toy. Both devices will be available in the UAE through Huawei’s official website and select shops.

Child-friendly design

The HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition comes with a lovely Kids Case made of ecologically friendly silicone that protects both the smartphone and your child from harm. It is comfortable and pleasurable to hold for small hands, with a blue shell and attractive green grips. The backs of the tablets are also curved, giving them a delicate and rounded grasp.

With ultra-slim bezels and a brilliant blue stylus pen to match your child’s inquisitive mind, you can create an immersive visual experience. The stylus pen gives kids a more engaging experience by allowing them to draw finer pictures on the tablet and to play touchscreen games to their hearts’ content. Both the Kids Case and the stylus pen comply with European Toy Safety Standards and the Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS), so parents can feel secure in allowing their children to use them.

Kids’ Corner packed with Rich Educational Content

The HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition comes with a plethora of instructional content pre-installed. Kids Corner was established to provide parents peace of mind that their children will be safe while using the tablet. It’s like a treasure chest where kids may record hilarious and exciting situations, draw on a canvas with their imaginations, and write down stories and jokes they tell. Kids’ Corner includes features such as Kids Painting, Recorder, Camera, and others, providing a safe and secure environment for children to learn and play.

Huawei has teamed up with Azoomee and BabyBus, two of the most popular educational software producers for kids. As a result, the HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition comes with a free three-month Baby Panda World subscription and a free one-year Azoomee membership. These apps provide youngsters with a steady supply of updated content, allowing them to continue learning while having fun.

BabyBus is an online company that creates and distributes entertaining and educational content for children. Over 200 apps and 2,500 episodes of cartoons, as well as over 5,000 audio stories, have been distributed to 500 million families throughout the world. Their products are sold in 160 countries and areas and are available in 12 languages.

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On the collaboration with Huawei, Lu Xueming, co-founder of BabyBus commented: “We are delighted to have collaborated with Huawei for the release of the HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition by providing users with a free three-month membership to Baby Panda World which is BabyBus’ flagship product. In addition, users can also enjoy exclusive benefits for ten licensed modules from the popular BabyBus apps. Moving forward, BabyBus will continue to work closely with Huawei to offer high-quality content to a broader range of families around the world.”

Multi-layered eye protection

The HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition uses technologies to help protect children’s eyesight. A built-in colour adjustment module dynamically modifies the information on the display, providing a discreet eye protection mode that has been certified by TÜV Rheinland for low blue light. The tablet also provides multi-layered eye protection for your child’s eyes, thanks to an ambient light sensor.

Huawei tablets have a built-in gravity sensor that can detect if the user is resting flat and provides reminders to assist them to correct their posture. There’s even an algorithm that recognises when the tablet is shaking (for example, when the user is walking or driving), so your youngster can be reminded to use it in a steady position, resulting in better eye habits. Furthermore, when eBook mode is enabled, the tablet adjusts the display’s contrast, brightness, sharpness, saturation, colour temperature, grayscale, and other settings to provide a high-quality reading experience similar to that of a physical book.The Bumpy Road Alerts, Posture Alerts, eBook mode and more can all be toggled on and off in Kids Corner.

Parental Assistant and Safety Features

The HUAWEI MatePad T Kids Edition comes with a slew of security measures that provide parents complete piece of mind. On Kids Corner, parents can establish numerous designated time restriction intervals throughout the day to regulate time spent, apps utilised, and other viewable content. Parents can, for example, limit their child’s tablet usage to 20 minutes after school between 5 and 6 p.m. or after supper between 7 and 9 p.m. They can also choose different settings for weekdays and weekends, ensuring that the tablet provides the ideal balance of study and enjoyment. Parents can receive access to their children’s usage history under Kid’s Profile, allowing them to log their children’s usage time and see the apps used over any given period.


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