Hubb launches international job searching platform Hubb Careers

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Global search engine platform, Hubb, has announced the official launch of Hubb Careers. Available in 44 countries and in 12 languages, the brand-new platform acts as a ‘meeting place’ for recruiters and/or employers with potential candidates – based both locally and further afield.

Using the platform, candidates can now apply for both office-based and remote roles in any city or country in the world. At the click of a button, during the application process candidates can specify the option of working from an office (and the option to re-locate if an international candidate) or select to work remotely.

With the working-from-economy expected to continue long past the COVID-19 pandemic that spawned it, the launch of Hubb Careers marks a changing era in recruitment. For many businesses, candidates being based in an office is no longer a requirement. Hubb Careers will also provide benefits for smaller, more unique industries such as those looking to hire for agricultural and marine positions – by allowing recruiters access to a worldwide reach of candidates, which may not otherwise be accessible.

Hubb Careers is free for both businesses and candidates. Businesses that are signed-up to the Hubb main service (100dhs per month) can enjoy unlimited access to Hubb Careers (unlimited vacancies adverts and CV access). Businesses that are not signed-up for the Hubb main service, can also enjoy unlimited CV access and can also post up to five job vacancies free of charge. Plus, there is no cost for candidates, allowing them to apply for multiple positions by uploading their CV.

For candidates, Hubb Careers provides a free-service with a range of benefits including the option to look for potential roles and jobs simultaneously across an array of countries, plus to select which countries candidates would like their CVs to be visible to employers in. Hubb is the home to more than 3.5 million companies globally – making it the perfect place for candidates to be visible in front of potential employers worldwide. Through the click of a button, this broadens the opportunity and global reach available to candidates which would not otherwise be possible.


As part of Hubb Careers, businesses with a Hubb subscription looking to hire candidates will be given access to a portfolio of data, analytics and statistics – such as job advertisement views, website visits and click statistics, all of which will help to aid them in the recruitment process and show the transition from Hubb to the businesses own channels.

Anastasia El Hage, Founder and CEO commented: “With the working-from-home economy an emerging new reality in the wake of COVID-19, Hubb Careers has launched to provide businesses access to a larger pool of talent.”

“Businesses are beginning to look for alternative and cost-saving options, plus many have also realized that in some industries, their workforce is more productive at home. We are witnessing a shift in the workplace dynamic with remote work becoming a permanent part of the labor landscape. This is especially true in locations such as the UAE with a high expat population – and people often moving in and out of the country, looking for jobs both locally and in their home countries which Hubb allows them to do simultaneously.”

“It also poses more opportunity for candidates, with an increased population of people looking for jobs further afield outside of their home countries – people are no longer restricted by distance barriers but can now apply for remote positions in another city or country via Hubb Careers.


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