IBM and Wimbledon Launch AI-Powered Personalized Player Stories

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IBM and The All England Lawn Tennis Club Unveil Generative AI for Personalized Wimbledon Player Stories

IBM (NYSE: IBM) and The All England Lawn Tennis Club have launched a new feature for the Wimbledon digital experience, leveraging generative AI from IBM’s AI and data platform, watsonx, to keep fans updated on the top players as they progress through The Championships.

 Introducing the ‘Catch Me Up’ Feature

The ‘Catch Me Up’ feature, built using IBM’s Granite large language model (LLM) via the watsonx platform, helps fans stay informed about players in all ladies’ and gentlemen’s singles matches. This feature provides AI-generated player stories and analysis through and the Wimbledon 2024 App. Personalized player cards display pre- and post-match content based on user preferences, location, and myWimbledon profiles. Pre-match content includes recent performance analysis and win predictions, while post-match content highlights key statistics and summaries.

 Enhanced Coverage with AI

This year, Wimbledon will use generative AI to cover a broader range of matches, including wheelchair events, as part of a redesigned digital match center known as IBM Slamtracker. Available on the Wimbledon App and, IBM Slamtracker will offer bullet-point-based match previews and post-match reviews for all singles matches, enhancing fan engagement.

 Positive Impact of AI on Sports

A recent IBM survey reveals that 55% of global tennis fans believe AI will positively impact sports. In the UAE, the sentiment is even stronger:

– 81% of UAE tennis fans think technology will enhance fan engagement.

– 88% believe it will advance training.

– 89% see a positive impact on game strategy.

– 87% think it will improve coaching.

– 85% say it will aid talent identification and acquisitions.

 Multi-Device Usage Among UAE Sports Fans

The survey also found that UAE sports fans often use multiple devices simultaneously while watching sports:

– 25% of UAE fans use two devices at once, compared to the global average of 22%.

– 10% of UAE fans aged 18-29 use three or more devices simultaneously, matching the global average.

– Top reasons for multi-device use include accessing more game information (52%), interacting with fans (42%), and multitasking (38%).

Jonathan Adashek, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for IBM, stated: “The new Catch Me Up feature exemplifies how generative AI can deliver compelling, insight-driven storytelling at scale. For 35 years, IBM and Wimbledon have co-created solutions that connect fans to on-court action, and our new research shows that fans recognize the positive impact of technologies like generative AI on their digital experiences. IBM is also using these technologies from our AI and data platform watsonx to help clients across various sectors address their unique business needs.”

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