Instagram introduces scheduling and achievements features for creators

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Instagram creators and influencers will be thrilled as the meta-owned photo-sharing social media platform has brought in a feature that allows users to schedule posts and reels in the app for up to 75 days in the mobile version. The feature is available only for professional accounts.

In an Instagram post, the company said “You’ve been asking for it and we’ve listened! We’re rolling out content scheduling tools right in the Instagram app – so you can choose to schedule a picture, carousel, or Reel up to 75 days in advance.”

So, how do you schedule a post on Instagram?

  • After a user has made their final post, just before sharing it and making it public, they have to tap on “advanced settings”
  • In there the user will get the option “schedule this post” which they need to tap
  • Select a time and date for when the user wants the post to go live
  • Go back to the Instagram post flow
  • Tap on schedule

Achievement by Instagram

Instagram has also introduced achievement, another feature alongside scheduling. The idea behind this feature is to celebrate what the creators on the platform are doing and to take advantage of different tools to better their content. 

In the same post, it said “We want to celebrate the effort that creators are putting into making Reels, and help them discover new ways of leveraging different tools to improve their Reels.”

Achievements can be unlocked when certain conditions while creating a reel are met like making more than one reel in a week, collaborating with another user, engaging with their communities via polls, sticks, quizzes etc and using trending audio and effects.

These achievements will be notified to the users when the 

reel is posted and they can tap on “view” in the notification tab for any more information. Achievement can also be tracked for a given reel and any that can be earned by just tapping on the three dots menu.


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