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Interview: Milagrow & Blue Ocean Global CEOs

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As Milagrow Robots begins operations in the Middle East, TECHx Editor Rabab Zehra secured an exclusive interview with Rajeev Karwal, CEO of Milagrow Robots, and Shahzad Ahmed, Chairman & CEO, Blue Ocean Global, to learn more about the company’s growth plans, main strategic focus areas, and Milagrow’s strategy to fulfill consumer demands and meet tomorrow’s challenges.

TECHx: As Milagrow is starting its operations in Middle East region now, what vision do you hold for the company under your leadership, specifically in the Middle East region?

Rajeev: I think it is a great question, and i’d like to take you back to Milagrow’s beginnings. When Milagrow was founded, I had one mission in mind: one human serving another human for menial tasks or household chores should be fully replaced by robots serving human beings.

When the whole planet is facing the economic crisis as a result of the pandemic, factories & offices are not stationing anyone at the front desk because visitors may place a human receptionist in a vulnerable position. In such a scenario, robots may contribute to productivity in such a way that humans enjoy only performing mental tasks. We believe that humans should be in charge of robots and now the time has come for the whole planet to consider transforming. With this mission, I hope that we’ll be able to make a difference in the Middle East.

When we first started, we just had floor cleaning robots. Now Milagrow also offers indoor cleaning robots, swimming pool cleaning robots, lawn-mowing robots, and air vent cleaning robots. We recently unveiled a new brand identity and logo with the tagline “Milagrow – Think Robots,” so that whenever you think of robots, you should think of Milagrow, and whenever you think of Milagrow, you should think of robots.

Interview - Milagrow - Blue Ocean Global - CEOs - techxmedia

TECHx: After Milagrow starts its operations in the Middle East region, what will be the key strategic focus areas and what market segments you are looking forward to target under this expansion plan?

Shahzad: Blue Ocean Global is a master distribution house with a global footprint representing international brands in over 40 countries. We started Blue Ocean Global nearly seven years ago with the vision of being a global master distributor. It seemed unlikely at the time because, as you might imagine, when you begin with a vision that appears to be a dream, you must then find a way, means, and action plan to make it a reality. However, over the course of seven years, we have evolved into a global master distributor, covering approximately 40 markets worldwide, with the Middle East and Africa as the primary markets. We have also extended our reach to regions including Asia, the Pacific, Australasia, and Europe.

This is exactly where we are resonating with Milagrow. Milagrow also wants to expand into a multinational robotics business. So, initially, the business will be based in the GCC, Middle East, but the thought process, or strategic idea, is to expand throughout the world.

TECHx: How is Milagrow staying relevant to meet the ever-changing customer expectations and tomorrow’s challenges?

Rajeev: We’ve made so many improvements to our goods in the last year. When the COVID arrived, people were terrified and wanted to know how to destroy a COVID spore on the surface. Medical organizations devised a solution of sodium hypochlorite 1 percent to kill the COVID spore on the floor. Then we adjusted the water tanks in our robots so that the mops are also anti-microbial and the COVID spores on the floor are killed.

Now customers are buying products and brands that offer protection, hygiene, and ease of use, according to what we’ve seen in the last year. Milagrow has been paying attention, and I just gave you an example of how we stay relevant.

TECHx: Considering the digital acceleration in the robotics industry, what is the business outlook you see in this sector globally?

Rajeev: Milagrow has increased by 500 percent in the last year, a five-fold rise. I expect that the robotics industry will experience exponential growth in the next few years, with growth rates ranging from 300 to 400 percent. There aren’t many brands in this area, and we’re optimistic because with our products, we want to be in every domain that affects a consumer’s life.


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