Interview: Mohammed Hejazi, Managing Director for Dimension Data Middle East

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TECHx secured an exclusive interview with Mohammed Hijazi, the newly-appointed Dimension Data Managing Director to find out about the company’s regional strategy and business outlook for 2021.

  1. Congratulations on your recent appointment as the Managing Director. Could you discuss some key areas that you would be focusing on as part of your regional strategy?

Market relevance is key to delivering value for our clients and we have a team of professionals who understand the two markets of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates very well. This capability gives us the edge to deliver services and partner with our clients in a way that will empower them to drive their digital transformation efforts.

We have also been focusing on various vision 2030 projects that the Government of Saudi Arabia is developing and beginning the process of adopting the UAE strategic direction for 2030 goals.

The United Arab Emirates is a very advanced market in terms of technology, so we want to forge relationships that will enable Dimension Data to expand the digital ambitions that our clients have. 

Managed services and professional services are a big focus for us. Our goal is to be a service-driven organization and support our clients to deliver flexible technology solutions, thereby simplifying the management of daily operations across multiple systems.

  1. Can you please give an overview of the company’s expansion plans of its MSP centers in the Middle East region?

Our Managed Services Centres will play a vital role across the entire Middle East region, not just in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. These services will be extended to all our clients across the region, there will be no restrictions. It’s a service that can be delivered remotely or in country adding value and helping our clients drive business outcomes. I stated earlier that market relevance is a priority and we’ll keep our finger on the pulse based on the needs of our customers to determine the next steps.

  1. As a systems integration company, what role is Dimension Data playing in Middle East’s digital transformation landscape?

You may have seen that we have provided hospitals across the Middle East with incident response services at no cost to mitigate some of the threats posed by cyber criminals who have taken advantage of digital vulnerabilities as technology is implemented by various organizations.

This proved to be a service that was well received by the market. We’re also partnering with Microsoft to develop services that range from collaboration to data analytics to comply with tech-driven trends for improved customer experience.

  1. What is the 2021 market outlook for Dimension Data? What can regional customers expect from the company over the coming months

The world of technology is changing from month to month. In our industry, we need to be a step ahead and many of us are moving towards service-driven client support hence our recent launch of the Network Operating Centre (NOC) and Security Operations Centre (SOC). We anticipate our clients to expect more platforms led solutions through the adoption of automation and software-defined solutions. That is all part of our strategy and it’s exactly where we want to be. We want to help our clients focus on their business objectives and strategic outcomes and for us to be the enabler through advanced solutions.


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