Interview: Ranjith Kaippada, Managing Director, Cloud Box Technologies

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In an exclusive interview, Ranjith Kaippada, Managing Director, Cloud Box Technologies, addresses the company’s post-pandemic plans to support organizations and the new collaboration of Cloud Box with Dell.
Being a solution provider in the Middle East, what are your areas of expertise in terms of IT solutions and services?

Since our inception in 2010 Cloud Box Technologies has partnered with global IT vendors providing local support services that are delivered by our vendor certified engineers. We have systematically grown our business across the enterprise as well as SME sectors and cover a range of end-to-end IT solutions that span across key areas in IT infrastructure, Data Management, Information Security, Virtualization as well as CCTV. Our services include software and hardware solutions deployment and support as well as AMCs. Over the last decade we have implemented a range of solutions for Data Centres, Storage, Servers, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Network Security, Server Management and Desktop Virtualization.

Our aim is to ensure that we work closely with our customers, understand their business goals and deliver solutions that best meet their long and short term business objectives. In the current situation, we are also focused on helping them achieve their digital transformation goals.

Post pandemic way of conducting business will require organizations to transform and be equipped digitally, how can Cloud Box Technologies assist organizations to prepare and keep up with this?  

The coronavirus has ignited the world’s largest work-from-home experiment. Organizations have had to instantly enable a mobile workforce. While there have been some major gains in terms of increasing productivity due to the reduction in travel time, there has also been a fair amount of overhead cost controls.

We have witnessed a remarkable increase in Cloud adoption and see it playing a major role in business transformation. For example, the new work-from-home environment has called for the use of VPN and SDWAN, etc. This is exactly where step in to help our customers with consultation and delivering a seamless experience both in terms of security as well as ease.

Recently Cloud Box Technologies announced Dell Platinum Partner Certification. What solutions would you be offering in partnership with Dell?

With our elevated partnership also comes more responsibility, not just towards the vendor but also for our customers, ensure that the solutions and services we offer are in line with our vendor’s vision and deliver the right product suite to match the customer’s environment. With Dell having all products under a single umbrella, it becomes a one-stop-shop for our customers and makes it easier for us to get trained and certified as the official service delivery partner for Dell. We are able to provide our customers with their needs for compute, storage, hyper converged infrastructure, networking, back up and restore, etc. And our partnership with Dell helps us to cover anything from a SAP solution to AI to virtualization.

Businesses are vulnerable with cyber-attacks on the rise specifically in 2020, what cybersecurity solutions can you provide SME’s/SMB’s with to contain or detect these attacks?

As attacks and breaches are becoming more complex and as applications are becoming increasingly reliable on the cloud, Cloud box Technologies offers unique solutions that caters to SMB/SMEs business needs for cyber security solutions. To start with we meet with their security compliance and standards requirements by protecting privilege access and IT credentials within the organization. This is done across users and IT administrators by introducing the Privilege Access Security (PAS) system and maintaining privilege hygiene program of the company.

Secondly to minimize data breaches from the outside and inside by offering specialized secure VPN solutions to meet any SMB/SMEs needs that are deploying secure work -from- home concepts. Thirdly from a data security program perspective we offer data classification and DLP solutions starting from the endpoints and proceeding to the network, and protecting the cloud infrastructure for our customers.

What kind of Consumer Solutions does Cloud Box Technologies specialize in and what support services do you offer for businesses?

Currently we are focused on enterprise solutions only.


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