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Interview: Vectra AI Director on World Password Day

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On the occasion of World Password Day, Ammar Enaya, Regional Director – Middle East, Turkey & North Africa (METNA), Vectra AI had a one-on-one conversation with TECHx Editor Rabab Zehra. Ammar discussed password-free innovations, threats associated with an organization’s IT security, and how password security can be preserved.

TECHx: Do you think traditional passwords would become extinct in the face of new password-free advances?

Ammar: Not in my opinion. Organizations currently have and will continue to carry legacy systems that rely on passwords. Also, many security policies are built with passwords in mind. So moving away from passwords isn’t something I expect to see in the near future.

TECHx: With billions of stolen passwords on the Dark Web, we need to be mindful of the risks. How can you figure out what’s behind these dangers?

Ammar: Passwords on the Dark Web are a danger both for single users as well as for companies. According to a 2020 report from FireEye, most if not all, attacks have been leveraging a password that has leaked from a user (Spear Fishing/Dark Web/…).  

TECHx: What mistakes do organizations make when it comes to IT security?

Ammar: When it comes to IT protection, the most common mistake many companies make is not using a password management tool, and most employees have to pay for their own.

TECHx: World Password Day is the ideal time to revamp your passwords. What advice do you have for businesses and individuals who want to keep their passwords secure?

  1. Use one password per website, application or service.
  2. Track applications and services used by your users.
  3. Enable Two-Factor authentication.
  4. Track passwords that have leaked.

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