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Interview with Carol Anne Dias from AOC

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TECHx Editor, Rabab Zehra got an exclusive interview with Carol Anne Dias, Regional Sales Director – Middle East & Africa at AOC. During the interview Carol spoke about AOC’s leadership in gaming monitor industry, upcoming trends in display industry & the company’s expansion plans.

TECHx: AOC retained the #1 spot in the competitive gaming monitor industry this year as well. What distinguishes AOC from the competition?

Carol: At AOC, we’ve always been on a quest to improve the visual quality of our products for users, which has resulted in our displays being ranked first in the globe. We are committed to offering consumers the best gaming monitors that will provide them with an excellent way to play their games and a genuinely world-class visual experience.

TECHx: The No 1 spot does indicate that you are quite known within the consumer segment. What solutions do you have for corporates and business set-ups?

Carol: TPV Technology carries the whole line of AOC and Philips monitors to fulfill the demands of our customers at all levels. We have every specification that is required, whether it is for gaming, go green, touch, privacy, or wide screens for professionals and businesses.

Philips Monitors provide a wide range of creative solutions to satisfy the needs of today’s dynamic, multifaceted professionals, including solutions to increase productivity, give true-to-life visuals, improve well-being, and preserve the environment. Our award-winning 499P9H 32:9 SuperWide display is the equivalent of two full-size high-performance monitors in one. It combines the performance and convenience you expect with productivity-enhancing features like USB-C and a pop-up webcam with Windows Hello.

AOC Monitors for Professionals 24V2Q won the Consumer Choice Award for the Slim profile with Full HD IPS model. It gives the business professionals an enhanced experience with a dynamic design.

TECHx: Researchers predict that the global display market will hit a whopping figure of $206.29 billion by 2025. In light of this, what biggest technology trends you foresee in the display industry in the coming years?

Carol: When it comes to the future of the workplace, there are a number of things that will influence how we work. When it comes to technology, the display is one of the most crucial. The way we view and engage in our daily chores is influenced by the visual aspect of our computer setup. It improves communication, enables us to visualize our effort, and lets us see the outcomes. Trends such as huge display formats, slim borders, borderless, curved, 4k resolutions, and touch screens have already appeared.

  • Display panels will incorporate trends like Visual/Augmented Reality in the coming years, allowing users to view, move around, and interact with 3D displays.
  • 8K displays, which will allow larger screens without pixelation.
  • Transparent displays / flexible / foldable: ideal for meeting and conference rooms.
  • Eye Tracking: Like mobile phones, displays will have an eye-tracking feature for security.
  • Artificial Intelligence will be incorporated into display screens, which will allow consumers to automatically be informed on suggestions.

TECHx: Are there any new collaborations or product launches in the pipeline for AOC?

Carol: We’re enhancing our partnerships with major corporations such as Porsche Design, Bowers and Wilkins Audi, Xbox, Blizzard, and Riot Games, to mention a few. Professional interactive large displays & signage in AOC will be launching within this market in the coming future. 

TECHx: Could you have an overview of AOC’s Middle East expansion plans for our readers?

Carol: Offering a range that will fulfill all requirements from B2B clients, gamers, schools, and corporates will be our primary focus in expanding breadth and categories for our customers. We’ll use this to expand our own stocking and warehousing hub in the Middle East. This will enable us to work on SKD projects throughout the Middle East.


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