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Interview with Kevin Wang, General Manager, Lexar

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TECHx conducted an exclusive interview with Kevin Wang, General Manager of Lexar to learn about their DRAM solutions, contribution towards gaming industry, solutions for content creators and their retail & channel presence across region

TECHx: Lexar announced its entry in the DRAM market in mid-2020, what solutions did you start with and what’s coming next?

Kevin: Yes, early 2020 we launched our consumer grade DRAM, laptop and desktop memory solutions which were well received in the regional market. We started our DRAM journey with 2 successful products, Lexar® DDR4-2666 SODIMM Laptop Memory and Lexar® DDR4-2666 UDIMM Desktop Memory designed for faster startups, better responsiveness, quicker load times, and overall it’s a huge upgrade to your operating experience for multitasking with ease. The response has been great so far and we are still looking at building this ever-growing product line and will continue working on putting out more new products to improve user experience. We are offering a complete range of storage products too for consumers and slowly adding new offerings in each segment, specially gaming. There are exciting things happening in gaming and we are gearing up for new launches in the gaming memory products which will be debuting soon. 

TECHx: Speaking of which, as you said Gaming has been one of the fastest growing industries and research shows it is expected to reach USD 295.63 billion by 2026, how is Lexar contributing towards gaming memory and gaming industry as a whole?

Kevin: Looking at the huge demand in the gaming sector, Lexar has launched its first gaming product for now. Yes, we do believe the gaming market has been on a high since past few years and it will ramp up in 2021 as well with more memory-based solutions. That being said, we are also ramping up our gaming series production and you will see few launches this quarter in the gaming segment. We recently launched our RGB gaming memory – Lexar Hades RGB DDR4 3200 overclocked memory, perfect upgrade for the gamer who wants next-level performance and an improved gaming experience and of course it comes with customizable lighting controls. This is powerful, superfast with great response time, keeps your system cool and has been tested aggressively on more than 1100 digital devices for quality and performance checks. Another offering would be our OC gaming memory which will be out soon in coming months. Also, some of our new offerings that you need to lookout for would be the character-based memory solutions which is coming soon. We are quite excited with how things are shaping up for us in the gaming segment and we are happy to be catering to the demands of this industry with relevant offerings.

TECHx: What solutions does Lexar have for photographers, videographers, content creators who require high-end memory with effective speeds?

Kevin: Content creators are creating data every day and that needs storage of course, but the availability and accessibility of that data with better speed and performance matters the most. Lexar will soon be releasing its 3600 Mbps and 4000 Mbps DRAM series for faster and enhanced performance for gamers as well as content creators working with and processing heavy files. We have been concentrating on providing an enriched experience to users when playing around with their data. The demand for better and faster memory solutions is only going to increase from here-on and we want to be on top of our game and provide every user the right fit for their needs.

TECHx: Please tell us about Lexar’s Retail and Channel presence across MEA region.

Kevin: Storage industry has seen explosive growth in recent times and Lexar is a well-known brand in the CE segment. The demand pattern has created a fast-growing platform in the component segments, both in DRAM and NAND. While fortifying our presence in the component space, we will be addressing consumer applications more aggressively in the region. In this direction, we are building our capabilities for more consumer engagements this year in multiple channels to grow our share in the personal storage space. We believe that we are in the early stages of penetration into this segment and efforts will be on for continuous improvement of product mix, new products, and the supply chain to support the penetration and growth.

We are also focusing on developing product lines around the gaming memory, then we have the M.2 NVMe SSD’s and portable SSD’s coming up as well which will cater to the needs of SMB’s and Enterprises too.


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