Khazna Data Centers receives Tier-III certification from Uptime Institute

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The data centre provider Khazna Data Centers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has received Tier III Constructed Facility certification from the Uptime Institute for its Apollo 3 and Apollo 4 Data Centers.

Hassan Alnaqbi, CEO of Khazna Data Centers, said: “Driven by the requirement for agile, automated, and power to support for cloud, big data analytics, data center facilities are evolving to serve the current and future needs of enterprise IT. Khazna Data Centers continually seek to optimize its data center operations and incorporate best practices to achieve highest standards for its space certification and the Tier III Uptime Institute accreditation is a clear commitment to that.”

When compared to traditional building methods, Khazna Data Centers is setting up efficient design and delivery at a faster speed, half the time it takes to get the data centre operational. Customers and partners may continue to rely on Khazna Data Centers to help them accelerate their digital transformations, re-imagine new ways of working, and improve operations.

Mustapha Louni, Senior Vice President Middle East, Africa and Greater India, Uptime Institute commented: “The Tier III certification provides Khazna Data Centers with an added value and clients with a significant level of intangible reassurance, since they translate into an upgrade of all operating systems, enhanced security levels, increased system resilience and data processing center availability.”

Uptime Institute’s Tier III accreditation was earned after a thorough assessment and evaluation by Uptime Institute’s specialist teams. This certification examines the data center’s availability, maintainability, and overall performance, all of which are critical for ensuring continuous and efficient operations.

Innovative criteria for addressing today’s data center demands include speed, higher density, flexibility, energy efficiency, sustainability, and scalability, all while being safe and highly available. Khazna Data Centers’ wholesale approach solves enterprise data centre needs by providing highly secure, ultra-modern wholesale data centres that are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology. As customers increase, these may be tweaked and scaled, providing for a faster time to market.

Data centres are becoming more important to handle these advancements as processes become more digitalized, as well as a growing requirement for operational readiness, agility, and availability of IT systems and infrastructure. The data centres, which are a part of the 108MW data centre, are focused on improving efficiencies in the design and eliminating anomalies, ensuring that we are following best practises in data center-built environments and implementing effective controls to protect critical infrastructure from environmental hazards and human errors.


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