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LABS announces the winning of SAP Award for AI at Hack2Build Hackathon

Artificial Intelligence Technology

LABS, a SAP Gold partner, announced winning the SAP Award in the Industry category in Hack2Building for innovative ideas using artificial intelligence technologies, complementing its role in establishing reliance on modern digital solutions to raise various core sectors quality and efficiency, and supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.

In response to this statement, Ahmed Ammar, Vice President of LABS Commercial and Expansion, stated: “We are proud of this achievement that we managed to attain using artificial intelligence technologies by our ambitious development team, who believes in the importance of their role in supporting the company’s position and their ability to innovate in the digital transformation process which maximizes the benefits of the digital revolution for all key sectors.”

Ammar noted that, “SAP is a leading company in supporting innovation and creativity that believes in the importance of providing access to its technical platforms and smart solutions for all, reflecting its clear desire to engage constructively in shaping the future of digital transformation and upgrading all sectors and industries at the global level. “

The challenge was divided into two categories: Industry and Business, and was open to all SAP partners as well as innovators and people with value-added ideas from throughout the world.

The goal of LABS was to create an agricultural solution based on free satellite images from the Google Earth application, which were then analyzed using artificial intelligence techniques to create an integrated view of agricultural crop specifications and the best irrigation methods for each region, with the goal of improving the agricultural process’ operating system, improving crop quality, and providing tools to measure production and return on sales.

The concept also includes sales and packaging suggestions.

It’s worth noting that LABS is presently working on developing the concept into a commercially viable product that can be used by anyone interested in agriculture. “Maize Merise” was the brand name given to LABS’s new product.


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