Lenovo Accelerates AI for All Industries with New Energy-Efficient Solutions

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Lenovo has announced the launch of groundbreaking AI solutions designed to revolutionize AI adoption across various industries. These new enterprise AI solutions aim to save energy, speed up deployment, and fast-track AI use cases, making AI more accessible and practical for businesses worldwide.

 Comprehensive AI Solutions for Every Industry

Lenovo’s latest offerings include a range of turnkey services, business-ready vertical solutions, and energy-efficient innovations. These solutions are developed to help companies of any size develop and deploy AI effectively. Key highlights include:

– Enhanced AI Services Powered by NVIDIA: Through the Lenovo AI Center of Excellence, new services and solutions, from pocket to cloud, are designed to accelerate AI applications.

– 6th Generation Lenovo Neptune Liquid Cooling: This energy-efficient cooling technology supports the mainstream rollout of AI-ready computing, reducing power consumption significantly.

 Generative AI as a Top Investment Priority

According to research by IDC and NVIDIA commissioned by Lenovo, generative AI is the top tech investment priority for 2024 among IT and business decision-makers globally. Lenovo’s new AI solutions are part of its $1 billion investment over three years to accelerate generative AI deployment, aiming to deliver “Smarter AI for All.”

 Tailored AI Services Portfolio

Lenovo offers a comprehensive AI services portfolio aligned with Gartner’s Five Critical AI Adoption Phases, helping businesses deploy AI quickly and effectively:

– Lenovo AI Fast Start: Live solutions to demonstrate AI deployment and showcase business, operational, and technology results.

– AI Advisory Services: Tailored roadmaps and training for organizational AI adoption.

– Lenovo AI Discover: Helps businesses visualize their AI strategy and unlock real business value.

 Industry-Specific AI Solutions

Lenovo’s extensive portfolio of AI Innovator Solutions delivers AI-powered outcomes tailored to various sectors, including:

– Smart Virtual Assistant: AI-powered kiosks for enhanced customer service.

– Smart Travel: Automated anti-bird strike solutions for air travel safety.

– Smart Manufacturing: Video-based analytics for workplace safety and efficiency.

– Smart Retail: Advanced self-checkout experiences to reduce loss and improve customer service.

 Regional AI Ecosystems

Lenovo is fostering AI ecosystems regionally. In the UAE, Lenovo and Al Hathboor Bikal.ai have launched DialogXR, an AI-powered solution for streamlining business operations, using large language models to automate tasks and provide insights.

 Advanced AI Hardware

Lenovo continues to expand its AI PC and workstation portfolio:

– ThinkPad T14s Gen 6: The first CoPilot+ PC with built-in AI performance and superior efficiency.

– ThinkStation PX: The world’s most powerful workstation for AI training, supporting multiple NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs.

– ThinkPad P1 Gen 7: Lenovo’s most powerful AI PC, featuring a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU).

 Innovative Liquid Cooling Technology

Lenovo’s 6th generation Neptune liquid cooling technology extends its energy-efficient cooling solutions across mainstream ThinkSystem V3 and V4 portfolios:

– Expanded Neptune Availability: Direct open-loop water cooling for CPUs.

– Unique Cold Plate Designs: Patented designs for maximum heat extraction.

– On-Memory Cooling Technology: Efficiently reduces heat in dense HPC systems.

– Warm-Water Cooling: Allows hot-water reuse, reducing the need for specialized air conditioning.

 Commitment to Sustainability

Lenovo’s 18th annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report outlines its proactive governance of accessible and inclusive AI, reinforcing its vision to provide smarter technology for all.

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