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Logitech G jumps mainstream K-POP bandwagon

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“Alhamami Technology LLC, UAE is proud to bring the K/DA Logitech League of Legends themed gaming peripherals first time in the Middle East. Logitech has chosen the best of their line of gaming items in each category and made subtle changes to their overall aesthetics in accordance with League of Legends (LOL) games,” says Aniz Bin Yusuf, Head of Gaming, Al Hamami Technology, LLC.

Logitech G is the latest entrant to take a slice of K-Pop’s market share which is valued around “5 Billion USD” annually with their merchandising products averaging 200 million USD every year. Logitech G has also recently partnered with Riot Games, owner of “League of Legends” to launch a series of themed gaming peripherals, the first of which is inspired by the aesthetics of the global virtual music group, K/DA, on their 2020 comeback.

K/DA is a virtual girl group consisting of four themed versions of League of Legends characters: Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai’Sa. The group was created to promote the League World Championship and to sell in-game K/DA skins of the characters in League of Legends.

“Logitech G is excited about their multiyear partnership with riot games to cater to their ardent fans with especially themed gaming items with a focus on superior technology and designs,” as per Peter Kingsley, Chief Marketing Manager, Logitech G.

Logitech KDA G733 Headset LOL edition

Logitech KDA G733 Headset-techxmedia

Logitech has not left any stone unturned focusing on choosing the G733 RGB gaming wireless headset. The headset follows the Ahri image theme with KDA printed across the ear cups. It has reversible diamond-shaped white and blue-hued ear pads.  The specs remain the same with the standard G733 version which are as follows:-

Weighing 278g, it reportedly gives 29 Hours battery life, charges via USB-C, and has a 20 meters wireless range. There is a 40mm PRO-G driver, 20Hz-20 kHz response, and 6mm boom detachable microphone.

Logitech K/DA G333 in-ear earphones

Logitech K/DA G333 in-ear earphones-techxmedia

Al Hamami Technology is the first to bring Logitech’s first in-house design of their earbuds, a paradigm shift from their normal headset territory. The design is based on the same aesthetics of K/DA model Akali, with the ear tips covered with blue and the housing is silver in color. It features dual audio drivers, 5.8mm, and 9.2mm. Other features include 3.5 mm gold-plated port, bass-audio for powerful gaming.

Logitech K/Da G304

Logitech K/Da G304-techxmedia

AL Hamami Tech brings the first exclusive pictures of the ultra-luxury “Pièce de résistance” special themed white box with K/DA emblazoned across it. This comes with the mouse and a surprise feature, a small mouse pad in it. For K/DA fans that makes this entire set a collector’s dream.

Logitech K/Da G304-techxmedia

The Logitech G304/5 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse’s LoL edition has the K/DA logo on the right-click button, with black-blue accents. It weighs just 99 grams, the entire theme of the mouse is White and based on Kai’Sa. It has features like a HERO sensor with 12,000 DPI, 1ms report rate, 250hrs battery life, and more.

Logitech K/DA 840 Table Mat

The table mat features all the band members Ahri, Akali, Kai’Sa, Evelynn, and their latest collaborator Seraphine decked in their ALL OUT gear. The table mat is designed for practical easy smooth movement. The specifications are mind-numbing with width at 400 mm, depth of 900mm and thickness at 3 mm.

According to latest reports, after the launch in China, Logitech is now planning to introduce it across the globe with an early release date pegged at the first quarter of 2021.


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