ManageEngine Bolsters Identity Security with Phishing-Proof Logins

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ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corporation, today announced significant advancements in its identity-first security offerings. These new features empower businesses to combat the growing threat of phishing attacks and secure their expanding digital landscapes.

ManageEngine Combats Phishing with Passwordless Logins

As cybercriminals refine phishing tactics, traditional passwords become increasingly vulnerable. ManageEngine addresses this challenge by introducing FIDO2 authentication for its ADSelfService Plus solution. FIDO2 eliminates passwords altogether, providing a robust shield against phishing attempts and enhancing user convenience with passwordless logins for enterprise applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication Bolsters Endpoint Security

Further strengthening its identity security suite, ManageEngine Identity360 now includes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Windows machines and privileged account actions. This additional layer of security safeguards user devices, servers, workstations, and critical system activities, preventing unauthorized access even if attackers gain access to login credentials.

Identity-First Security: The New Security Perimeter

The widespread adoption of cloud services and remote work has significantly expanded enterprise digital footprints. Traditional network-based security struggles to secure these sprawling environments. ManageEngine’s identity-first security approach tackles this challenge head-on.

“By prioritizing identity as the primary control plane for cybersecurity, organizations can achieve a Zero Trust security posture,” said Manikandan Thangaraj, vice president of ManageEngine. “Identity-first security grants granular control over every user accessing the network, effectively mitigating the risk of unauthorized access even if traditional defenses are breached.”

ManageEngine Delivers Comprehensive Identity-First Security Solutions

  • FIDO2 Authentication: ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus safeguards businesses from phishing attacks with FIDO2, a next-generation authentication method that eliminates passwords.
  • Endpoint MFA: ManageEngine Identity360 secures user devices, servers, workstations, and critical actions with an additional layer of MFA protection.
  • Just-in-Time User Provisioning: ManageEngine automates user account creation across applications with ADSelfService Plus, streamlining access management for IT admins and users.

Enhanced Compliance and Insurance Benefits

By implementing ManageEngine’s FIDO2 authentication and endpoint MFA solutions, organizations can achieve compliance with various data security regulations, including GDPR, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and PCI DSS. Additionally, strong identity security practices improve an organization’s cyber insurance eligibility in a competitive market.

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