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Marakeb Technologies to rollout UV-C CoDi Cart disinfection system

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Marakeb Technologies to rollout UV-C CoDi Cart disinfection system at Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort. By the deployment of Marakeb Technologies disinfection system at the luxury Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort they are trying to meet the standards of next-generation technology.

The planned UV-C CoDi Cart implementation is part of Fairmont Fujairah’s continuous efforts to keep its environment safe and clean for its guests and staff according to the highest international health and safety standards.    

Marakeb Technologies - UV-C-CoDi-Cart - techxmedia

It works by effectively and quickly sanitizing the air and surrounding surfaces within the seven-meter radius range using its six powerful ultraviolet (UV) lights. It aims to provide people an extra layer of protection from bacteria, germs, and infectious viruses.  

Equipped with four motion sensors, an LCD screen, and an adjustable timer, Marakeb’s manoeuvrable, compact, and robust disinfection system will be stationed at the hotel’s guest rooms, lobbies, corridors, and high-density areas.  

Rabih Zein, General Manager of Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Marakeb in our efforts to further strengthen our initiatives ensuring the safety and health of everyone. Marakeb’s technology will be integrated seamlessly into our already robust disinfection and cleaning program, acting as both sword and shield to mitigate the spread of infectious viruses. This partnership reflects our commitment to continuously reinforce our measures and strategic actions to safeguard our guests and staff from pathogens, thus providing them with peace of mind especially while staying or working in the hotel.”

Fairmont Fujairah regularly conducts PCR swab tests as part of its safety and health specifications. About 95 percent of all eligible Fairmont Fujairah employees have already received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccines.  

For his part, Kevin Grunder, COVID Robotics Advisor, Marakeb Technologies, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has enabled us to leverage our strengths to help stop the spread of the disease in our communities. We have been given a unique opportunity to combine our robotics acumen with the power of UV light to come up with a solution capable of beating harmful microbes and providing facilities with easy-to-use products with a technological edge. UV-C CoDi Cart is one such device. We look forward to working closely with the Fairmont Fujairah team, as we implement UV-C CoDi Cart within its premises. Our technology will assist the hotel in its gradual return to normalcy being done as fast and as safe as possible.”

UV light has been used even before the pandemic for health and safety purposes. It works by breaking down the DNA of viruses or bacteria, rendering them unable to reproduce and proliferate. UV-C radiation, in particular, has been proven to be the leading disinfectant against COVID-19 and has been in use since 1910 to disinfect drinking water from harmful microbes and bacteria.

Grunder added: “We have developed a line of products, including UV-C CoDi Cart, that utilizes UV light to disinfect high traffic areas and keep citizens and visitors safe while they enjoy all that the UAE has to offer. The robotic control aspect of the Codi Cart also allows us to operate the machine at a distance, keeping the sanitization team protected and safe. Today, UV-C CoDi Cart serves as the go-to solution for schools, offices, and public and private buildings seeking to strengthen their safety measures.”

Fairmont Fujairah’s deployment of Marakeb’ UV-C CoDi Cart is aligned with its compliance with Accor’s cleaning and operational procedure standards at a time when all hotels are required to be ALLSAFE labeled. The technology’s rollout will also help ensure that it operates under the new normal with even greater care and passion.  

Marakeb Technologies designs and manufactures advanced technological products, ranging from autonomous devices to ground control stations. During this pandemic, the company has utilized its engineering capabilities to develop several solutions to combat the spread of the virus. Apart from UV-C CoDi Cart, it has also launched EP Vent, MAP IR3, CoDi BOT, UVC Broom, UVC 3.0, UVC Rail, and UVC Tunnel.


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