MBZUAI ranks top 30 globally in AI, CV, ML and NLP

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MBZUAI has been ranked 127 in the world among institutions that conduct computer science research, including AI, systems, theory, and “interdisciplinary” areas like robotics, computer graphics, visualization, and others.

The ranking includes Notre Dame, the University of Liverpool, the Weizmann Institute of Science, Osaka University, Ecole Normale Supérieure, and other prestigious institutions.

MBZUAI currently ranks 30 globally in the areas of artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing, ahead of several renowned research universities such as the University of Michigan, Georgia Tech, and the University of Toronto in North America; Imperial College London, EPFL, and the Max Planck Society in Europe; and the University of Tokyo, Seoul National University, and the University of Sydney in the Asia Pacific. MBZUAI is now the top-ranked CS institution in the Arab World, as well as the Middle East and Africa (CSRankings includes Israel as part of Europe).

H.E. Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and Chairman of MBZUAI, said: “In 2019, Abu Dhabi established the world’s first university dedicated to AI research with the aim of enhancing and benefiting from advanced technology capabilities in line with our leadership’s vision for the future and the roadmap set out in the UAE’s Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031. Today, MBZUAI has achieved a significant milestone as it has been ranked 30 globally by CSRankings in AI, computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing placing it alongside elite, global research universities. This progress would not have been achieved without the vision, guidance, and support of the leadership, and the sincere efforts of the MBZUAI team. Achieving such recognition is a demonstration of the UAE’s commitment to developing a knowledge-based economy through fostering AI-driven research and innovation, as well as empowering youth to become future leaders in this strategic sector.”

According to the organization’s website, CSRankings is “designed to identify institutions and faculty actively engaged in research across a number of areas of computer science, based on the number of publications by faculty that have appeared at the most selective conferences in each area of computer science.” CSRankings is regarded as a reliable source for ranking institutions that conduct research in these fields of scientific inquiry.

“Attracting this caliber of faculty speaks to our research ambitions and the freedom we offer to innovate. We are a new university, with a strong culture of scientific inquiry that is reflected in the CSRankings we have achieved in just two years. We will continue to create an unparalleled environment here in Abu Dhabi, to attract more talent and to inspire impactful research as we grow at pace,” said Professor Eric Xing, President of MBZUAI.

Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) attracts world-class researchers in AI, computer science, data science, and related fields such as healthcare, finance, engineering, and social sciences. MBZUAI is a graduate research university dedicated to the advancement of artificial intelligence as a global force for humanity. The university was founded in October 2019 and is led by Professor Eric Xing, who works alongside 33 distinguished faculty members from organizations ranked first on the CSRankings list. The university has pledged to expand significantly in the coming years.


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