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Meet SmartCow experts at Grand Hyatt in Dubai on 19th May

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PNY has announced that it will host SmartCow in Dubai to showcase its Edge solutions. The event is scheduled for May 19th and will allow companies to join us and see the various solutions SmartCow provides, such as the Apollo, City station, and Smart cam.

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AI – Dubaï Event May 2022 (

SmartCow, founded in 2016, is powered by Nvidia Xavier and specializes in building AI pipelines for resource-constrained devices. Vertical solutions for complex problems range from underlying technologies for building and accelerating video analytics to turnkey software systems for data-centric initiatives. SmartCow’s mission is to build an ever-expanding AIoT ecosystem that simplifies and improves living and working conditions for people and businesses all over the world. They are adamant that technology can expand possibilities and provide solutions that benefit everyone. Their artificial intelligence algorithms, intelligence systems, and resulting insights help individuals and teams make informed decisions. Their goal is to create systems that support productive, meaningful, safe, and healthy lifestyles.

Products that will be showcased 

Apollo: You can seamlessly evaluate audio-visual AI models with Apollo’s integrated GPU, which includes the NVIDIA Riva, JetPack, and DeepStream SDKs, rather than enabling peripheral devices and ensuring system integration is successful.

Apollo’s integrated hardware includes all in one small package, a base frame that allows the device to stand upright, four microphones, two speaker terminals, an 8MP camera module, a 2.08 inch OLED display, and a 128GB NVMe SSD.

The device comes with a board support package (BSP) that includes the Ubuntu operating system and examples of audio-visual AI applications. The board also has two programmable buttons for adding custom applications. By default, one of the buttons is set to “One-Key Recovery,” allowing you to easily reflash or restore Apollo to its factory settings. The second button is not set up to allow you to add your own application.

Apollo - SmartCow - Grand Hyatt Dubai - City station - Smart cam - techxmedia

City Station: An application for monitoring air quality, weather patterns, traffic, recognizing faces and objects, and conducting security investigations (forensics).

City Station Jetson Xavier NX | CE/FCC Certified | 8 MP Camera module | 128GB NVME SSD + IP65 rating

City station -Apollo - SmartCow - Grand Hyatt Dubai - Smart cam - techxmedia

SmartCam: It can handle object detection, sensor fusion, traffic analysis, and path tracing algorithms, which are essential for next-generation workloads.

Key Features:

  • Nano™ | 128-Core NVIDIA Maxwell™ GPU
  • TX2 NX™ | 256-core NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU
  • Xavier NX™ | 384-core NVIDIA Volta™ GPU 
  • IP66-rated | Protection against Dust Ingress and High Pressure Water Jets
  • 5MP Resolution | 140.5° Field of View
  • Impact Resistant Aluminium Construction
  • 128GB mSATA Storage
  • ONVIF-compliant
  • Night Visio 
  • Readily Available Fleet Management Solution | FleetTrackr
Smart cam -City station -Apollo - SmartCow - Grand Hyatt Dubai - techxmedia

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