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Microsoft inaugurates GrowthX Accelerator program in UAE


Microsoft has inaugurated GrowthX Accelerator program in UAE. The first cohort of GrowthX Accelerator programme has kicked off in the UAE in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO).

“Abu Dhabi is focused on empowering startups that can create a lasting impact in the digital economy,” said H.E. Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development.

 “As a founding partner of GrowthX Accelerator, ADIO is partnering with Microsoft to empower visionary entrepreneurs with the technology, mentoring and market access they need to get off the ground. ADIO’s work with Microsoft will accelerate innovation and boost entrepreneurship, in line with Abu Dhabi’s unwavering commitment to support the private sector.”

GrowthX Accelerator, which is part of a bigger strategic relationship between ADIO and Microsoft, aims to bridge the gap between corporates and B2B entrepreneurs in the Middle East and Africa by linking startups with large enterprises. The 12-week programme equips B2B entrepreneurs with the technology, mentoring, and market access they need to address the unique problems and problem statements of corporate partners.

 “Startups are now in the driver’s seat to fulfilling their potential through the GrowthX Accelerator. It is exhilarating to facilitate an empowering experience for B2B startups to make the most of the technology, mentoring, and access to the market that this program will provide,” said Roberto Croci, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups, MEA.

Alsp said, “Alongside our partners, we look forward to enabling our first cohort of B2B startups to compete at the highest level, and in hopes of transforming the region into a globally leading hub for technology and entrepreneurship.”

The inaugural cohort consists of 15 companies that will hit the ground running, offering ground-breaking solutions that address the difficulties and requirements of corporate clients. These are some of them:

• Spitch is a global provider of Conversational AI solutions for B2B and B2C.

 • Gener8 – allows users to manage and profit from their own data.

• Poltio – uses interactive content to help the world’s leading brands engage and learn from their customers.

 • Getbee — an ecommerce platform that interacts customers in a more personal and interactive way.

• OPLOG — a pioneer in e-logistics, simplifying supply chain operations in terms of cost, time, and resources.

• Fero — a company that uses technology to automate the logistics business and is creating the future of digital freight.

• Urbantz — a software-as-a-service solution for transforming last-mile deliveries and logistics in a variety of sectors.

• Barakatech – super-app platforms, blockchain solutions, and next-generation FinTech microservices are among the company’s offerings.

• Hi55 – a digital payroll system that helps people and organisations manage their cash flow.

• Nym Card Is a set of dynamic and secure building blocks for quickly and easily creating card programmes.

 • Artiwise — an AI and NLP firm that offers businesses cloud-based analytics solutions.

• B2Brain – customises analytics to automate research and intelligence for better dialogues.

• Alpha Sense is a data-driven intelligence platform that assists businesses in making informed decisions.

• NexDegree — helps brick-and-mortar retailers boost customer satisfaction and sales.

• Udentify — uses body monitoring technologies to remove the need for man-made market research.

As Corporate Engagement Partners, Microsoft for Startups is collaborating with Etihad Airways, Unilever, Flow, Akbank, KPMG, and IKEA in the inaugural cohort. For the length of the programme, B2B entrepreneurs will work directly with these corporate partners to co-create digital solutions that address their concerns.


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