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Microsoft launches Windows 11: What’s new in this release

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Microsoft has launched Windows 11 making it available for eligible devices, with a fresh new look and a collection of features designed to simplify your PC and allow you to be more productive. The new features on your device can make life easier whether you’re at home or at work. Although Windows 11 will be released phase-by-phase, not everyone will get access to it initially. It might take longer to prompt you with the upgrade when your device is older.

Using what Microsoft has shown us, here are a few of the most interesting features in Windows 11 so far.

Android apps

The new Microsoft Store will allow Android apps to be natively included in Windows 11 — something Windows users have been waiting for for years. Support for Android apps is not included in Windows 11’s first release: It will be added in subsequent release updates. When Windows 11 can handle them, Android apps will be the new store available instead of Microsoft Store through Amazon’s Appstore. If you want to get Disney Plus, Netflix, TikTok, Pinterest, and Uber, you’ll need the Amazon Appstore, which has nearly 500,000 apps. Although not all Android apps from the Google Play Store will be available to you.


In Windows 11, Widgets have been added to the interface, an AI-based customizable feed that shows you information such as weather, news, a glimpse at your calendar and to-do list, and photos recently uploaded. There is a feature called news and interests in Windows 10 that is similar to widgets.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has integrated its video chat platform Teams directly into Windows 11, making it easy to use and access on a daily basis. The Teams application is available everywhere Windows, Android, Mac or iOS are available.

Gaming and New Technologies

New major Windows updates never forget PC gamers, and Windows 11 won’t be any different. Games and technologies are both benefiting from Windows 11. Xbox Game Pass will be available for the first time in Windows 11 through the Xbox app. The apps will also support Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft’s online game streaming platform. Some games will be included include Halo Infinite, Twelve Minutes, and Age of Empires IV.

As for gaming technology, Auto HDR and DirectStorage will be introduced in Windows 11. Even non-HDR games will appear clearer thanks to the first enhancement. Secondly, is the implementation of the CPU, allowing graphics memory to load directly, DirectStorage (and the Xbox Velocity Architecture) will reduce loading times of games.

Improved multitasking, easier monitor transition

Snap Groups and Snap Layouts are features included in the new OS. You can add Snap Groups to your taskbar for easy access to call up again all the open windows in a specified order, so you can minimize or maximize them all at once.

The Windows operating system is more than just an operating system; it’s the place where we work, learn, play, and connect with other people. Our expectations are high for Windows 11. We cannot wait to see what you can do with it and what you can create in the future.

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