Microsoft pushes new features into its Teams Meeting app

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Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams are among the leading video conferencing applications that have gained popularity as a result of the pandemic. Microsoft Teams is a well-liked communication programme among businesses and educational institutions, with a solid hold on the enterprise and education markets. A lot of features are packed into Microsoft’s equivalent to Google Meet, including live transcription, which is now available on the Microsoft Teams app for Android.

Transcription is not a particularly new feature to Microsoft teams as it is already available in the web and desktop versions. Now, this feature is available to the Microsoft Team’s Android app, which has over 100 million installs on the Play Store. Users can start or stop live transcription for the speakers at any time during a meeting by selecting “More actions” from the menu. After the meeting is over, users can access the entire transcript in the “Files” section of the app.

There are other updates also Teams displays will now support hot desking in portrait mode. Hot desking on Teams display makes finding a space to work easier by allowing you to locate and reserve flexible workspaces.

Another feature that has been added to the Teams meeting is the one-click instant poll. This can be used for quick check-in while having a conference or meeting. These polls can be started by presenters without any prior planning; simply speak your question aloud and select the appropriate response symbol. The only programme that provides a 1-click immediate binary poll is Microsoft Polls. With our rivals, presenters are required to plan and create a poll.

It has also updated the maximum number of videos that can be seen on screen. Microsoft Teams Meetings can presently display up to nine videos (3×3) on the screen. The user must manually choose the Large Gallery mode if they want to view more than 9 videos. Users will be able to automatically see up to 49 videos (7×7) on their screen by default with this update without taking any additional actions. The actual number of videos a user can see will depend on their hardware/device.

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