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Microsoft to empower UAE organizations navigate hybrid world during ‘Future of Work Summit’

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Microsoft will empower UAE organizations to navigate the hybrid world during the ‘Future of Work Summit’. The company will hold a virtual conference titled ‘The Future of Hybrid Work’ to assist organisations and sectors in navigating the future of work.

The virtual summit, which will take place on October 12, will promote thought leadership through a series of conversations on securing the hybrid workplace, migrating back to the office effortlessly, and adjusting to the digital transformation post-pandemic. Microsoft and key customers and partners such as Lulu Group International, Zand, IDC, PwC, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Poly, and Adobe will take advantage of the event to highlight a number of factors affecting the future of hybrid work, particularly in the most impacted industries, such as banking and finance, government business, and retail.

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“To succeed in the post-pandemic era, we need to fully grasp the challenges and solutions for the new hybrid work environment,” said Sayed Hashish,General Manager, Microsoft UAE.

He added, “It is critical for business leaders to not only acknowledge the drastic changes, but to call into action new strategies they need to build and implement in order to thrive in the new normal. This summit will serve as an opportune moment for leaders to embrace an agile approach, integrate innovative technology, draw and act on insights from recent studies, and unlock news ways of working.”

One of the most significant shifts in the work culture in the previous 18 months has been the shift to remote work. According to Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index (WTI), 70 percent of workers prefer remote work choices, and 66 percent of business decision-makers are rethinking physical locations to meet the changing demands of hybrid operations. This year’s WTI highlights the following critical patterns for leaders in their transition to hybrid work, among other things:

  • Flexible work is here to stay
  • Leaders are out of touch with employees and need a wake-up call
  • High productivity is masking an exhausted workforce
  • Gen Z is at risk and will need to be re-energized
  • Shrinking networks are endangering innovation
  • Authenticity will spur productivity and wellbeing
  • Talent is everywhere in a hybrid work world

Speakers from Microsoft, as well as its customers and partners, will discuss the disruption, transformation, and security requirements of the new world of hybrid work in light of these developments.

Organizations are welcome to attend this event with Microsoft and industry experts to debate the most pressing subject on everyone’s mind: “How will the transition to hybrid work affect workplace culture, productivity, and wellbeing?” The registration for the event is now open.


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