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Mitigating terrorist activities & terror funding through Big Data, AI & ML

Big Data Technology

By: Mekhla Diwan, Head of Marketing & Alliance at Catalytics Datum

In this world, full-of-humans & ecosystem creatures, there is a parallel habitat of human culture over the internet which has bought evolution in transformations with speed. Introduction to AI & ML advancements have empowered machines with self-sufficiency, intelligence to percolate virtually across the Virtual habitat. The growing digital world, virtual presence, immense networks of social, professional and community profiles have been a forum of discussion for constructive and destructive activities. Constructive activities contemplate growth and development. Destructive attacks & malpractices try to affect fame, presence and propagation of social, personal and community in a negative way. In a nutshell, it generates tons of data which is the fuel for data analytics.

Machine Learning, statistical modelling infused with artificial intelligence is empowering security to make the discovery and prediction fast thus accounting activities of different segments, regions, channels and platforms capturing the deceptive behaviours online and offline infringing the acts and regulations with terroristic agility across the globe or in a particular region. Pertinent insights help to predict, block and analyze the act of demolition, mitigating attacks by capturing the pre-requisites. Organizations like, FATF (Financial Action Task Force), which is an intergovernmental organization that aims to prevent global money laundering and terror financing activities through its risk-based approach mainly for the banking sector and terror financing risk assessment; are big time dependent on AI & ML, IoT, Big Data Analysis implementation techniques.

Social Network Analysis: Identifying the infringements through Big data Analytics

Social media is a good place for analysing terrorist networks, sometimes these covert networks create relationships and accounts to perform terror activities. Fake news and misinformation going viral is a threat to the nation’s security. The introduction of payment methods online, sponsorships across social networking platform helps monitoring in case of any fraudulent transactions. Online platforms track and collect the digital impressions of terror funding organizations and terrorists as well as cyber-attacks.

Edge Analytics: Saving millions of lives at a time.

Along with the advancements in 5G, and with the feasibility of edge analytics there is a speedup with decentralization in the IoT response on networks. The overall effectiveness of sensors & devices has been enhanced over time, to take immediate actions on suspected and target areas. This is saving the lives of millions at a time and creating a cover for continuous protection and growth.

Social Credit Systems: Use of AI & ML to predict future activity and behaviour

Some Countries have their social credit systems, which follows AI & ML driven models for monitoring every single activity and behaviours of people in public places involving shopping malls, parks, streets, cafes & restaurants, cinema halls and theatres on daily basis. They keep a record and track of criminal and debts, different purchasing behaviours on e-commerce platforms, activities on social media and assign points to every citizen by credit – point analysis of their day-to-day process to predict and forecast if any suspected future activities.

Role of IoT & Network Controllers

Scalable Analytics system aims to predict insights, minimize the response time for fetching the data, thus have fuelled up the action plans in order to block and take a cover from any terrorist activities. The synchronization of connected devices has boosted data collection, also prevailed by real-time alerts, warnings for not only terror attacks but thefts and any causality. Data analysis have been optimized, thus can decrease the latency of decision-making and generating alarms after fetching recognition patches.

Multimedia Analysis: Face & Voice Recognition

Multimedia and Multilingual content Extraction through Speech-to-text analysis, video analysis, image processing and speech recognition have refurbished the process of citing criminals across the globe, with the amplification of voice and facial recognition technology within an end-to-end encrypted network grabs on any human with voice modularity, especially for the different terrorists and criminals. Realtime Data analysis through different techniques using the network service providers aim to the core approach i.e., extraction of concept based upon the lexical resources in order to identify the person or machine that has reported with a disrupted behaviour.

GPS (Global Positioning System) and GIS (Global Information System) Targeting

Geospatial targeting with a warning system locates the exact place anywhere over the surface of the earth if something’s suspected have been found it immediately notify with system alarms and warning as per the severity of the data captured acting as an automated security system. GPS has helped in investigating the Fraud transactions happening during the banking, targeting the Terror funding organizations and unveiling such people who are threats to the common man. Some advanced machines, weapons and heavy vehicles are loaded with GPS and GIS in order to deliver safe, monitoring the activities, and turning directly to hit the target at the right coordinates all across the globe.

Automated AI & ML driven functioning systems have increased the accuracy along with the security to uncover the terrorists, terror funding organization and turn down their destructive plans with the real-time analysis on immense data over the networks to generate real-time results, speeding up the process of Fraud Analysis, Terrorist Recognition & finding Terror funding organizations.

The advancements have accelerated the process of defining terror activities to mitigate and fail such plans, setting up new roadways into the scientific enquiry of behaviours and patterns of real-world within less time, desired accuracy and self-sufficient intelligence of decision making.

Mekhla Diwan - Head of Marketing - Alliance at Catalytics Datum - techxmedia

Mekhla Diwan heads the Marketing & Alliance of Catalytics Datum Pvt. Limited, a Data Science & AI-based Start-Up, largely into product development. An avid follower and thought leader in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Advanced Technologies. Mekhla holds a significant role in Catalytics’ Marketing, Digital Consultancy & Global Alliance



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