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NetApp ONTAP receives validation from NSA for security and encryption

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NetApp ONTAP has received Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) accreditation for a data-at-rest (DAR) capability package, making it the first enterprise storage and data management platform. Organizations all over the world can now take use of NetApp ONTAP’s powerful security features to secure their data on-premises and in remote locations from foreign actors, ransomware attacks, and other data loss risks.

The US National Security Agency’s (NSA) cybersecurity programme, CSfC, is a crucial component of the organization’s commercial cybersecurity strategy. CSfC certifies commercial IT products that have passed the most stringent encryption standards and security criteria for both hardware and software. The National Security Agency (NSA) recently suggested that government entities hosting secret or top-secret material use storage options that are secure that have been CSfC validated.

“This unique achievement is an example of innovation in commercial technology addressing critical national security issues,” said Admiral Michael S. Rogers USN (Ret.), former Director, National Security Agency (NSA) and Chief, Central Security Service (CSS).

“Organizations today know that data security is paramount, whether they operate in the public or private sector,” said Michelle Rudnicki, Vice President, US Public Sector at NetApp.

She added, “With NetApp’s world-class data security capabilities and this CSfC validation, government organizations as well as companies in highly regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, energy or any organization with valuable intellectual property can be reassured that their most sensitive data is secure with NetApp ONTAP.”

Companies are facing more challenges than ever before to their data and, as a result, their company. Accenture, an IT consulting firm, recently released the findings of its State of Cybersecurity Resilience 2021 report, which indicated that on average, 270 attacks per company occurred this year, up 31% from 2020. Additionally, 81 percent of chief information security officer (CISO) respondents said that “staying ahead of attackers is a constant battle and the cost is unsustainable.”

With this CSfC validation, organizations can expect NetApp ONTAP to:

  • Allow agencies and enterprises to natively store top secret data, confidently and reliably
  • Save time by making it easier to buy pre-approved solutions, reducing audits and limitingthe processes required to move or store data securely
  • Offer cost savings via reduced monitoring, lowering physical data transport and logistics costs, and providing the cost optimal solution for storing data
  • Protect data at both hardware and the software layer for enhanced cyber-resilient data-centric security – a key component to zero-trust security architectures

NetApp has been a key data storage and management supplier to the federal government for than 30 years, supplying storage innovation and data solutions, including data encryption both in-flight and at rest, compliance, and protection. With integrated preemptive detection and quicker data recovery, the latest iteration of ONTAP allows businesses to leverage machine learning to protect against cyber-attacks.


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