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NETSCOUT VaaS to deploy turnkey protection for critical IT services

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NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. has launched a managed service offering called NETSCOUT Visibility as a Service (VaaS), which delivers 24×7 testing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting for customers’ key IT services and applications.

The service, which is based on NETSCOUT’s nGenius service assurance solutions, takes advantage of the company’s VaaS engineering team’s extensive knowledge to assist reduce the pressures faced by corporate and government IT departments throughout the world.

“As enterprises continue to drive digital transformation, while also assuring compliance and security, the need for in-depth end-to-end network visibility and control is paramount,” stated Mark Leary, research director, network analytics and automation, IDC.

He added, “Comprehensive as-a-service management offerings enable IT organizations to better align their operating priorities to spending, adjust their staff focus to more strategic responsibilities, and access provider-driven best practices, operational expertise, and technology innovation. All serve to drive enterprises towards a more proactive, predictive, and protective management approach to networking in today’s hyper-connected digital business environment.”

According to Markets and Markets, the global managed services market will rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9% from 2021 to 2026, reaching a market value of $354.8 billion. “Lack of qualified IT experts,” “increased need for safe IT infrastructure during the COVID-19 epidemic,” “cost and risk reduction,” and “requirements for regulatory compliance and security” are all variables that affect growth.

“Businesses have had to adapt to compete in tough talent acquisition and new remote work environments placing increased pressure and demands on IT teams,” stated Michael Szabados, chief operating officer, NETSCOUT.

He added, “VaaS helps enterprises identify and resolve problems quickly to maintain productivity while also helping to ensure an exceptional end-user experience. In addition, our customers benefit by extending the value of the investment they’ve made in our service assurance solutions to deliver higher returns.”

VaaS is a subscription-based service that is available to both existing and new consumers. The service provides ongoing monitoring and triage for existing clients that have deployed a nGenius solution. In addition, proactive testing of essential apps and services, notification of appropriate customer contacts if an issue is found, triage, and performance reporting are all included in the service. The service also sends VaaS service reports to IT operations, application owners, and other executives as needed to ensure enhanced control. VaaS can discover and troubleshoot any problems before they have an impact the end user through proactive monitoring, which includes regular testing of business transactions at all hours of the day and night. 

VaaS covers initial inspection and configuration as needed for new customers, as well as suitable nGenius hardware and software. Depending on the customer’s needs, the service leverages all NETSCOUT service assurance products, including nGenius ONETM, InfiniStreamNGTM, nGeniusPULSETM, nPoints, nGenius Packet Flow switches, Omnis® Cyber Investigator, and the recently announced Smart Edge Monitoring.


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