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New data analytics platform Pangaea X launches in the GCC

Big Data Technology

Pangaea X, a ‘first-of-its-kind’ Data Analytics platform has launched. The platform connects the Data Analytic seekers with the world’s best Data Analysts and Scientist freelancers across the world. It will transform Data Analytics, and the way organizations who are searching for data analytics solutions into a seamless and hassle-free process. It will solely focus on quality connections, easiness of communications, and productive collaborations.

From collaborating to hiring, to briefing, all the way to paying the freelancers, Pangaea X will be with you every step of the way, as an extension of your team. The platform will empower freelancers to reach their maximum potential, build their own remote business with strategic guidance and even elevate their skillset with provided training programs.

For those people and organizations that are searching to hire the world’s best Data Analysts and Scientists, Pangaea X want to re-assure you that they only offer the very best Data Analysts out there with quality assurance guidelines, mandatory project uploads and references as well as transparent transactions and account management pitstops throughout the project journey.

“All businesses across all sectors are looking to gain value from data. Whether it’s to better inform business to make data-driven decisions, to generate revenue or improve operational efficiency, data science is transforming the business world and every industry is affected. Our target market is therefore very wide. Any company that does not have in-house data analysis capabilities or those that want to enhance the way they’re managing and mining data would benefit from freelance data analysis support.” Explains Pangaea X, Founder & CEO, Jadd Elliot Dib

A one-stop marketplace for all your Data procurement needs. This new demand has given birth to a new breed of freelancers and the operational vision is to seamlessly connect the world, with the world’s best talent when it comes to data analytics.


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