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New PC Garage and Experience Zone launched for gamers in Dubai

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XFX, the graphic cards’ brand, has announced the launch of its new concept store, the PC Garage which will offer Gamers a complete state of art XFX AMD RADEON graphic cards along with XFX and AMD powered gaming machines at very competitive prices.

Sunny Narain, Managing Director, XFXForce Technology LLC, did the inauguration along with the entire XFX Middle East Team. The event was attended by Gamers, Retailers, Resellers, Distributors and Vendors from the industry. The Founder and CEO of XFX, Mr. Michael Chiu, along with XFX Delegates from Hong Kong and USA had flown in especially to witness the new venture and were overwhelmed and impressed by this new project.

The PC Garage store, designed with gamers in mind, is located in the heart of Dubai at M25, Computer Plaza, Bur Dubai, and the entire store has been designed to give a Garage feel, whereas the entrance of the store provides a modern space station feel depicting the advanced technology products the store offers. The store has a wall for graphics, another for PC builds, and another for PC components. The Play Hard Grafitti wall adds to the fun atmosphere, and the DONKEY KONG and MARIO Brothers decor evokes memories of 1980s vintage arcade gaming.

Sunny further added “The store is fully equipped with all the components one would need to design their ultimate PC. Gamers will also get a chance to meet our technical team and our team would be more than happy to consult them build a customized Gaming PC of their choice. Alternatively, they can choose amongst a range of our best in the class Pre-Built Gaming PCs catering from beginners to enthusiasts to professionals.”

He added, “The PC Garage will be 1st to launch XFX AMD Radeon Graphics cards  at the same time as any where in the world and at par with international pricing. Today, we have the stocks readily available for all our latest products launched worldwide which included; 6950XT Waterblock edition, RX6750XT and RX6650XT.”

“Thanks to our own manufacturing capabilities and direct contact with the technical team at the factory, we are first one to get the updates about the new advances and features in XFX products, and we are in best position to advice and user, how best can they can be used to optimize the performance and enhance the gaming experience,” Sunny continues.

To enhance the gaming experience even further, XFX has created an entirely new experience zone outfitted with the most cutting-edge gaming machines and components. The new XFX Experience Zone is located on the first floor of the same building, at 107. Going above and beyond, XFX is giving gamers the opportunity to try out the PCs and be completely satisfied before purchasing them.

The Experience Zone is one of a kind, with a Gamer’s lounge made with the Game TRON in mind, with the entire room lit up, a PAC MAN meeting room, an inhouse studio for facilitating product launches, photoshoots, and so on.

“We are extremely excited with this new project and are confident that with inhouse technical team, and components readily available at the store, we are more than capable to scale up and upgrade gaming machines to suit the needs of the Gamers. We look forward to engage with the gaming community in the UAE and offer them our best products and services at the most affordable prices,” Sunny concludes.

Stating that a Gaming PC not only needs a Graphics card but a range of complementary products to give one a complete gaming experience, Sunny said ”We have partnered with leading brands in the gaming world, such as AMD, AOC, BenQ, Western Digital, and Thermaltake to offer Gamers a choice to have the unparalleled gaming experience.” All the gaming products from these brands will also be present at the XFX Experience Zone for gamers to enjoy the thrill of playing on these world class products, before they decide to buy them.” 

Furthermore, the actual Gaming Arena with 7 pre-built PCs transports you to a futuristic era and provides the ideal environment for enjoying these powerful gaming machines.

Monday through Saturday, the XFX PC Garage and XFX Experience Zone are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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