May 17, 2021

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Rick Vanover - Senior Director for Product Strategy - Dave Russell -Vice President of Enterprise Strategy - Veeam - techxmedia

How organizations can protect against pandemic sleeper threats

Work computers have played many roles during the pandemic – hosting everything from social gatherings to workouts, online learning sessions, home shopping and Netflix streams. Family members have borrowed Mom’s computer to play online games, and passwords have been passed around. Cyber diligence has taken on a lower priority than it should have.


Data literacy and digital upskilling: a roadmap to the future of business

Despite this exponential growth in data generation, the data businesses need usually won’t sit neatly in a predefined database – inside a fully prepared data table – just waiting for you to access it. IDC estimates that 90% of all data created is ‘dark data’ – information that is unstructured, locked away, or generally inaccessible.


atm-2021-opening-tour - techxmedia

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed inaugurates Arabian Travel Market 2021

This year, for the first time in ATM history, a new hybrid format will mean a virtual ATM running a week later, from 24-26 May, to complement and reach a wider audience than ever before. ATM Virtual, which made its debut last year, proved to be a resounding success attracting 12,000 online attendees from 140 countries.

Ericsson - 5G - smartphone users - techxmedia

Ericsson highlights the impact of 5G on smartphone users worldwide

The report – Five Ways to a Better 5G – is the result of the largest global 5G consumer study to date. Covering consumer sentiment and perception in 26 markets – including the US, China, South Korea, and the UK – the Ericsson ConsumerLab study methodology is representative of 1.3 billion smartphone users globally.



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Fincasa - IMT - partnership - start-up eco-system - techxmedia

Fincasa & IMT sign partnership to help grow US$1 billion start-up eco-system

A staggering $1.03 billion was plowed into MENA-based startups in 2020, marking a 13 per cent increase from 2019, startup data platform MAGNiTT said, despite the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Badr Jafar - CEO - Crescent Enterprises - techxmedia

Crescent Enterprises to double its investments in start-ups to AED 1 billion by 2022

Since its inception in 2017, CE-Ventures has already invested over AED 500 million (USD 136 million) in 32 start-ups and VC funds across the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), the US, India, and Southeast Asia.

Viewsonic X100–4K+ Projector - techxmedia
product review

Viewsonic X100–4K+ Projector Review – Great fit for a perfect home cinema

With 2nd generation LED technology, this is a brilliant option for a home cinema projection environment. With the theatres being shut in most parts of the world, the timing of the launch couldn’t have been more apt.

Motorola-moto-g30 - techxmedia
product review

Motorola moto g30 review – Battery, Camera, Action!

The motog30 operates on Android 11 and sports a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™662 with 2.0GHz octa-core Kryo™260 CPU, 950MHz Adreno™610 GPU. A 6GB Ram and 128 GB built in storage is absolutely amazing for a phone priced at 699 AED.