Future of Artificial Intelligence

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By Hira Khan

Technology has overpowered the human in humongous ways, which has brought a drastic change in the living style of modern generations. With the continuous advancement in technology, humans are believed to achieved great heights beyond the limitations especially the way AI is evolving.  Thus, laying the new stepping stone in the field of success which is impeccable. It is something that fulfil our wants and needs and makes our life better with comfort, convenience, entertainment, good health and even prosperity. And going by the trends, it seems like we can’t get enough.


Technological innovations, such as autonomous cars for intelligent, safe travel and electronic banking facility for real-time monetary transactions, seem to emulate the ‘change’ constant of life.Let’s have a look how technology changes from past years:


Artificial Intelligence:

AI and machine learning (ML) unexpectedly move out of the cloud and closer to edge devices where analytics happen in real-time. In order to keep AI-powered devices, such as those in smart city surveillance systems, cars, corporate world using robots as receptionist and healthcare systems responsive enough, the data needs to reside as close as possible to the source.

AI based solutions have progressed out of research labs and become mainstream now. For instance, in the world of healthcare, asthmatics have an AI-powered inhaler that runs real-time ML algorithms to recognize a patient’s breath pattern with the help of a sensor module. AI-enabled voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant provide users the comfort and convenience of interacting with devices by simply using speech as the medium of communication.


Artificial Intelligence areas:


Integrated with advanced AI technology, robots will soon play a defining role in our daily life, helping us with vacuuming the house, mowing the lawn, and cleaning the pool. The social robots will serve as companions and care for us. Artificial Intelligence can be used in schools, healthcare, finance department etc. for problem solving, learning, assisting and planning. Drones with AI-enabled vision processing capabilities are being used to assess structural damage in buildings, rescue operations, remote study of wildlife and the effects of climate change, etc., without having to put human life at risk.
The world of technology is limitless and the list of technological innovations is unending. There’s never a dull moment for technology lover, and the best is always yet to come.


Future of Artificial Intelligence:


AI has unpredictable future, it is growing gradually. Humans will be depend on Machines in the near future whether it is home or office.

AI has very strong and tremendous future. From just a vision to actual advancements, we’ve come a long way. Today, artificial intelligence is a fascinating wing of science and technology that is slowly shaping our future.

If you didn’t know, advanced machines and devices with autonomous decision-making abilities have already made their way into reality. Amazon has been a pioneer in introducing automated machines and their innovations have been quite surreal. The Amazon Go store that attempts to bridge the gap between eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores, advanced supply-chain management systems, delivery drones are all examples of their baby steps towards advanced artificial intelligence.

Besides, we also have smart homes, self-driving cars, facial recognition systems and more are gradually bringing in convenience in our lives. Besides, the onset of Big Data and Machine Learning  is also complementing the evolution of artificial intelligence, allowing machines to become smarter in terms of grasping things, understanding patterns, learning trends, and coming up with better and informed solutions. Your music apps, shopping carts on online shopping websites, virtual personal assistants are examples of simple Machine Learning .


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