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Nutanix Cloud Platform simplify hybrid multicloud deployments for enterprises

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Nutanix Cloud Platform is simplifying hybrid multicloud deployments for enterprises. The company announced new Nutanix Cloud Platform capabilities, including the release of AOS version 6 software,  to assist companies in building modern, software-defined data centres and accelerating hybrid multicloud deployments. Enterprises will gain robust built-in virtual networking, enhanced disaster recovery, and simplified zero-trust security as a result of these new features, which would otherwise necessitate additional specialised hardware, software, and skills. Most importantly, the Nutanix Cloud Platform’s integrated design allows all functions to be managed through a single interface, considerably reducing operational overhead.

“Our customers are looking for cloud solutions that can adapt to their needs, with a focus on simplicity, flexibility, and freedom to choose the right technology for each situation,” said Rajiv Mirani, Chief Technology Officer at Nutanix.

Also added, “The Nutanix Cloud Platform continues to break down common silos within IT teams with the goals of simplifying operations so customers can focus on business needs. With these new features, we focused on addressing the common challenges many enterprises face in hybrid multicloud environments, including security, DR and virtual networking.”

Simplified Virtual Private Cloud Across Hybrid Multicloud

Flow Networking, a Network Virtualization service on the AHV® hypervisor that helps clients to simplify their networking through a software-defined single pane of glass management, is now available in Nutanix AOS 6. Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) may now be readily created by businesses and service providers to deliver cloud-like agility to their consumers with minimum reliance on hardware switches and routers.

Customers can also use Flow Networking’s VPN capabilities to connect and extend their virtual networks to any public or private cloud infrastructure. The ability to provide cloud connectivity on-demand without using dedicated physical appliances or other complicated configurations further reduces cost and simplifies operations for the customers.

Expanded Access for Enterprise-Grade Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Customers who use the Nutanix Cloud Platform with AOS 6 have enhanced Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) capabilities that were previously only available through specialist solutions. The option to use the public cloud as a secondary site is included in AOS 6 and native metro clustering support for the built-in AHV hypervisor, which allows for automatic failover in the event of a disaster and end-to-end encryption capabilities for DR traffic. A new DR dashboard now gives customers a complete picture of their DR configuration and status across primary and secondary sites. These capabilities enable businesses to eliminate specialist disaster recovery gear and software, lower licencing costs, enhance recovery time, streamline operations, and maybe eliminate costly hot-standby secondary sites. It enables mid-size enterprises that may not have had the budget or expertise to develop sophisticated disaster recovery capabilities to better protect their operations from disasters.

Automated Zero-Trust Security Policies

More and more businesses are trying to take a Zero-Trust approach to security, but creating efficient and effective policies, especially in environments that span public and private clouds, can be difficult. The Flow Security Central SaaS platform, which is part of the Nutanix Cloud Platform, will eliminate this common challenge by automatically creating Flow micro segmentation policies through a machine learning-based planning engine that analyses an organization’s network traffic and recommends security policies to protect virtual-machine workloads against potential attacks.

Furthermore, the Nutanix Cloud Platform will integrate with Qualys Inc.’s industry-leading vulnerability management detection and response (VMDR) solution, allowing customers to automate security patching efforts with virtual machine-centric threat detection and vulnerability risk visualisation capabilities. Nutanix Files’ enhanced protection will assist detect and block 4000+ known ransomware attack signatures, with the potential to dynamically provide new signatures. Finally, after passing rigorous cybersecurity and interoperability testing, Nutanix AOS, AHV, and Files solutions have been certified for placement on the Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List (APL).

 “AOS 6 along with virtual networking and security innovations in the Nutanix Cloud Platforms deliver an enterprise-ready, end to end platform to run any application, including the most critical ones, on-premises and in public cloud,” said Eric Sheppard, Research Vice President, IDC Infrastructure Platforms and Technologies Group.

Also commented, “The new features address many of the demands of enterprise customers looking to gain efficiency and reliability across clouds, to support their needs now and in the future.”

Customers can now use virtual networking and enterprise-grade disaster recovery tools; security enhancements are in the works.


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