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Omanee’s ‘Outside The Block’ event throws light on latest in blockchain and fintech

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Omanee brought together thousands of viewers and participants from around the world and over dozen different international companies with their representatives and speakers in one of the year’s biggest blockchain and fintech events towards Identity Blockchain. During the one-day “Outside the Block” conference, we heard from founders and visionaries, business mavens, opinion leaders, and experts in finance investment, crypto to business and technology. 

In addition to showcasing the latest developments in the blockchain and fintech industry, we hosted panel discussions and keynote presentations, not to mention a stream of noteworthy news, announcements, and content from the likes of Shreenath Iyer from DIFX, Zahid Ahmed from Ankots of Misteria, Kristina Berezina from Toscale, Bill Wang from Ankots of Misteria – part of LBank, Jodie Marie Rigby from Metastoric, Lauren Crabbe from Stornest, Valentin Preobrazhenskiy from Latoken, and more. 

ins - latest in blockchain and fintech - Outside The Block - Omanee - techxmedia

Panel Discussion – Outside The Blockchain

The opening saw a panel discussion on OUTSIDE THE BLOCKCHAIN, dedicated to the benefit of the Mainnet to build up NFT Games, Digital Asset, Digital Bank, Identity-Verified’s support for the modern world, and technology applied in NFT, Digital Assets.

This section was hosted by Mr Jake Nguyen, Omanee’s CTO with the following panelists:

  • Shreenath Iyer – CMO – DIFX
  • Zahid Ahmed – CTO – Ankots of Misteria
  • Kristina Berezina– Co-Founder & COO – Toscale
  • Lauren Crabbe – Co-Founder & CEO – Stornest 

Panel Discussion – New Trendy Tech 4.0, GameFI and NFT

After discussing Outside the Blockchain topic, Mr Harry Pham, Omanee’s CPO kept discussing with the senior leaders, experts in the industry in the region the full potential of decentralized and NFTs technologies and how they are disrupting markets already today.

The innovative power of identity and wealth management demonstrates that Identity Blockchain value will be created in the future. NFT, Gaming and Compliance Blockchain gaming: The future of gaming “Play to earn”. How play-to-earn gaming brings benefits to players and AML compliance: All the NFT marketplaces should follow strict AML regulations.

The discussion was extremely interesting with the contribution of experts as follows:

  • Bill Wang – COO – Ankots of Misteria – part of LBank
  • Jodie Marie Rigby – Founder – Metastoric
  • Valentin Preobrazhenskiy – Co-Founder & CEO – Latoken
  • Ismail Bagosher – CGO – Emirex 

Omanee Ecosystem Introduction, Blockchain-based solutions & applications


Mr Hero Vu – Omanee Founder & CEO and other speakers gave a keynote speech at the event to introduce the Omanee ecosystem and its technology, blockchain, and fintech projects. He made an overview of global technology, its solution, architecture, innovation, and invention from Omanee Technology applications and blockchain-based solutions that Omanee is developing, present & future. Especially more information about the Omanee’s blockchain applications.

  • Identity-Verified Blockchain – Welups 
  • Identity-Verified eKYC via ORC & Ai, API Security – IDShare 
  • Digital Citizen – Big Data handled by Data-Driven & Cloud Platform – Dr.NEE 
  • Defi – NEEBank

Launching Welups Blockchain Mainnet & Cooperation of Omanee Corp and LBank, LaToken

The Welups Blockchain Mainnet – one of Omanee’s blockchain products has been released with the witness of senior leaders, industry experts in the region.

The Board Management of Omanee Corporation, CEO Hero Vu signed cooperation with Mr Allen Wei, CEO LBank – the world’s leading digital asset exchange, as well as with Mr Valentin Preobrazhenskiy – Co-Founder & CEO – Latoken in the signing ceremony. 

Last but not least, Omanee BOD also hosted an exciting Award Ceremony. Omanee’s Valued partners and customers received special rewards and recognition at the end of the event. Omanee would like to thank them for their companionship during the past time and hope to get their continued support in the future.

In the next few years, in addition to launching the blockchain Welups network in Dubai, Omanee Corporation will continue to strive to strongly raise Identity blockchain awareness of the community and develop multi-utility technology applications to bring closer to users. Most importantly, Welups blockchain network and its decentralized technologies will be addressed soon at the most awaited conferences as the next stop in June, Singapore and December, Korea 2022. 

Thanks again for joining with Omanee Corporation and see you again in Omanee‘s “Outside The Block 2022” conference in  31st March, Singapore. For those who missed out, stay in the loop on future Omanee events by following us on our Facebook and other social media.


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