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Bob Aoun, Regional Sales Director, Poly, says that of its key goals is to equip hybrid workforces across the globe and to achieve total equality between those in the room and those who work remotely.

What are some key takeaways from 2021?

The past two years were challenging for companies around the world, due to the spread of Covid-19. Businesses had to be flexible in the way they worked, to survive such exceptional circumstances. The way companies operated on a day-to-day basis fundamentally changed and there’ll be no going back to the old ways. We are witnessing a major shift towards online collaboration and communication with more and more employees working remotely.Corporations and governmental organisations have realised their success is increasingly reliant on investment in advanced technologies, including video conferencing, virtual meetings, collaborative and secure solutions. This is to support digitisation and business transformation strategies that better suit hybrid working.

What excites you about the year 2022? Does your company have any new resolutions in its growth plans for the next year?

We are excited to support our clients and enable them to adapt to significant changes in their working environment, including all aspects of activities, meetings, employee engagement, and digital services.

Nevertheless, all organisations need to ensure all these internal and external exchanges remain safe and secure. This means stringent evaluation of the services they currently provide and analysing business practices across the board, to ensure they continue to fulfil the needs of clients, externally, and employees internally. One of our key goals is to perfectly equip hybrid workforces across the globe. We aim to achieve total equality between those in the room and those who work remotely. We’re seeing companies of all sizes, across all sectors, starting to invest in hybrid and remote devices and software and that trend isn’t likely to change.

Poly has a wide offering of advanced technologies including headsets, video and audio-conferencing solutions, advanced desk phones, and analytics software, all of which have become crucial elements to the success of any organisation. Equipping employees with the right devices, best suited to the way they work whether in the office, from home, or on the go, will provide a competitive advantage. A happy workforce is a productive workforce!

What will be your companys post-pandemic strategy?

Our post-pandemic strategy relies on considering our customer’s success to be our success. So our initial objective will be to fulfil the increasing demands in various markets around the globe for the products and solutions we offer.

From a business transformation perspective, investing in these technologies will boost productivity within their workforce and raise customers satisfaction levels. Thus, we plan to expand in other markets to enable clients to benefit from our top-notch products and solutions. We also aim to continue enhancing and developing our portfolio to exceed our clients’ expectations and offer them more support and services.

Which technology trends do you expect to emerge in 2022? How will you capitalise on them?

  The exceptional conditions imposed by the pandemic challenged many organisations and forced them to consider remote and hybrid work. In 2022, we will see an increasingly virtual workplace and the office—as we knew it— and the ways in which it will be used will change forever. That shift has a major impact on the type of hardware and software devices and technologies that organisations choose to use.

In 2022, remote and hybrid work models will be fuelling investments in video conferencing and secure devices for remote connections. This is where our portfolio stands out. We create premium audio and video solutions to provide our clients with the best meeting experiences—anywhere, anytime, every time. Our headsets, video and audio-conferencing devices, desk phones, analytics software, and services are designed and engineered to connect people, wherever they work from, with incredible clarity. As meetings and day-to-day activities move online, the work experience will become essential. People want clear video and audio, they don’t want background noise disrupting their meetings and, if connecting remotely, they want to feel as if they are in the room. Technologies like active noise canceling, speaker tracking, and zoom features plus customisable settings will be in high demand because they create a better experience for the end-user.

What are your plans for managing and engaging your channel partners in 2022?

Our channel partners are an extension of us. So 2022 will present a real opportunity for them to become thought leaders. Customers know where they want to get to when it comes to enabling hybrid work and have clear goals, but don’t always know how to get there. Different countries and cultures mean that things can vary from office to office, and other companies can confuse things by taking opposing approaches. The future office needs to be clearly defined. What spaces will be needed? What do boardrooms, meeting rooms, focus spaces, and desk spaces need to deliver? This is where the opportunity lies for our channel partners. By providing expertise and education to organisations on their best approach to hybrid working through value-based selling, customers can be empowered to ensure a simple, consistent, and compelling experience across their enterprises.


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