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Pangaea X adds new features to its platform

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Pangaea X added two new features to its platform. In order to provide a more enhanced experience, now both clients and freelancers are able to browse through all the data experts featured on the platform. Previously it was limited to only viewing the profiles and portfolios of the freelancers who had bid on a project.

“Since the new feature will allow search and browse through all available service providers, we believe that this will definitely encourage healthy competition among all freelancers featured on our platform, keeping their profiles as up to date and relevant as possible”, said Jadd Elliot Dib, Founder & CEO.

In addition, companies are now able to register to create a company profile. Service providers are now able to register either as a freelancer or as a company. By registering as a company, registrants will need to provide certain documentation (company profile and trade license) in order to complete the process, Pangaea X will have its own internal process to verify these companies and if successful, the company will receive its verified tag to be considered as a pre-approved service provider.

“We launched our platform with the idea to become a one-stop marketplace for all data procurement needs. We are constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver a more enhanced experience for our users, as we believe that in today’s day and age data analytics will gain more prominence in helping grow businesses and transform the conventional ways of how companies approach data”, he further added.


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