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Philips Foundation & Philips Lebanon to contribute oxygen concentrators & ventilators to SESOBEL

Middle East And Africa

The Philips Foundation, which works to deliver quality healthcare to underserved populations, has partnered with Philips Lebanon to donate oxygen concentrators and ventilators to SESOBEL, a Lebanese non-governmental organisation, in order to enhance access to oxygen and ICU ventilation in Lebanon.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on Lebanon, resulting in a significant shortage of key medical devices. The Philips Foundation and Philips Lebanon have teamed up to donate crucial oxygen concentrators and ventilators through the Lebanese NGO SESOBEL as a solution. The goal is to assist in meeting the critical demand in Lebanon for better healthcare experts and hospitals, as well as enabling individuals in need of treatment to have greater access to therapy.

Philips will also provide training to healthcare professionals who will be operating the equipment in addition to the donation.

“As a leading health technology company, we are honored to be supporting the healthcare systems in Lebanontoalleviate the severity of the crisis,” said Vincenzo Ventricelli, CEO Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Philips.

He added, “In collaboration with the Philips Foundation, we look forward to fulfilling this urgent need, helping hospitals, health professionals, and patients in Lebanon with our oxygen concentrators and ventilators through SESOBEL.”

SESOBEL, a non-governmental organisation accredited by UNICEF, was created in 1976 by Yvonne Chami with the goal of providing social assistance for the welfare of Lebanese children and those in need.

“We are grateful to have both Philips and the Philips Foundation on board to help us equip those most in need with the required healthcare innovations, allowing us to continue providing welfare services and emergency assistance throughout the country,” said Fadia SAFI the CEO of SESOBEL.

He added, “Together, we look forward to lending a helping hand to the community through this pandemic.”


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