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Pre-GITEX Interview with Red Hat

Automation Technology

Pre-GITEX conversation with Johnny Bechara, Red Hat Consulting Regional Manager, Russia, CIS, CEE, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa. Let’s take a look at what Red Hat has been up to lately.

TECHx: GITEX Technology Week is almost here, how excited are you? What are your hopes for the event this year?

Johnny: GITEX Technology Week is the ideal platform for technology pioneers like Red Hat to introduce the future innovations that will shape the things to come. Red Hat will be joined by our global developer team at GITEX 2021 as we outline the vast benefits and capabilities that these innovations offer, as well as subject matter experts in various industries, including telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare as we help our customer accelerate the adoption of Open Source technologies.

TECHx: What are you showcasing at the event this year?

Johnny:Red Hat’s theme for GITEX 2021 will be ‘Always Open’. This year will see Red Hat showcase several products and solutions set to empower communities of customers and clients in their respective digital transformation journeys using Open Source culture, tools and standards. These include our latest, most influential solutions across hybrid cloud, edge computing, automation, digital transformation, and Kubernetes native, and Red Hat looks forward to informing and inspiring all who visit throughout the event’s duration.

TECHx: Red Hat specializes in enterprise-ready open source solutions. What kind of solutions have been in demand by organizations over the last two years, and what types of demands do you see arising in the future?

Johnny:As expected, organisational dependence on technology has increased substantially due to the pandemic, and enterprises continue to require greater digital capabilities to succeed in their respective sectors. Looking ahead, the importance of technology and deploying those with the capabilities to meet requirements for an array of sectors will only increase. Therefore, we are experiencing greater demand for open source software. Widespread digital transformation is driving our presence and influence in several areas of IT technology development across different sectors, and the open source software and solutions we provide will continue to drive sustainability and success for enterprises moving forward.

Nobody is better positioned than our consulting experts to align teams, streamline processes, and make enterprise systems and applications work together using both open source and proprietary technologies. 

TECHx: We’d want to learn more about Red Hat’s brand-new Ansible Automation Platform 2. With the advent of automation comes new security concerns for companies; how safe is this platform?

Johnny:Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is Red Hat’s enterprise IT automation solution that includes everything needed to build, deploy, and manage end-to-end automation at scale. Ansible Automation Platform makes it possible for users across an organization to create, test, and manage automation content through a powerful and agentless framework. It is a more secure, stable, and flexible foundation for deploying end-to-end automation solutions, from IT processes, to hybrid cloud, to the edge.  

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform helps organizations adopt a culture of collaborative automation by delivering a consistent experience everywhere, based on features tailored to the needs of the entire IT team.

TECHx: What are your major strategic focus years for business in 2021 and beyond?

Johnny:For Red Hat, our regional footprint is designed to provide open source software and services in the most convenient, rapid way. Our mission is to help our customers bridge the gap between People, Process and Technology.What distinguishes our consulting services, is their expertise on open source technologies as well on proprietary systems and applications platforms, making us highly qualified and equipped to be your trusted advisor to help you through your digital transformation.

We work to deliver value to customers and communities through flexible operations that leverage our global resources, local knowledge and insights, and innovative solutions based on experience gained from working with businesses around the globe.


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